PS3 to Windows Media Steaming

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by wolverine9314, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. Ladies, Gents,

    Any help with the above would be much appreciated. After getting rid of a Media Centre PC, I have now begun to stream my videos, pictures, porn, etc to my PS3.

    My problem is, although my PS3 registers the media, playing it back over my wireless network resembles 1980s VHS CCTV. It stops and starts and is unwatchable. Does anyone out there have any knowledge or experience in the area. If so, can you offer any tips?

    Playstation Europe blame my PC configuration, but I refuse to accept I am a mong.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Have I got this right, you are running a video on a PS3 and playing it over a wireless network into your PC, is this correct?


    Just seen the "to PS3", sorry just wondered if your wireless was the bottleneck not allowing the streaming at the correct speed. :)
  3. Yes, all wirelessly done!

    I haven't got a clue what that means! I have limited basic knowledge of wireless networks, so if you could break it down as if you were explaining it to a retarded goldfish... :wink: Do I need to configure any settings?
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Your problem is that wifi doesn't have the throughput to stream video unless conditions are perfect, i.e. no one else is reducing through put by using wifi near yours, I won't bore you with the details but other networks cause interference and reduce bandwidth. I would suggest you get a mains LAN kit, this sort of thing.

    Pretty cheap and you get 100mb per/sec which will solve your problem.

    What do you use as your media server software, I've found TVersity is pretty damned good, and free too? :)
  5. That makes sense OS, I'm in the mess, where every other room is hooked up to (seperate) routers. No one is piggby backing off of mine. As you suggested, I will try hard lines. I have the hardware, so no problem. I guess Wifi isn't the way forward. If it ain't broken.... :wink:

    Thanks for the advice. If it gets any better, I will post here for the good and benefit of the ARRSE.
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    You can also try changing the channel to see if you can find a clean one. I'm a bit stuck for time now but if you have the instructions to login to the router you can find the menu for changing the channel, will be under wireless setup or the like, probably by typing (but might be different) then login admin and password, password - but the instructions will have the details. Then change it to the lowest or highest channel and see if that helps. I'll try and explain further tomorrow. Sorry for not being clearer but I'm running out the door.
  7. Much appreciated OS. When you come back, please could you tell me whether the streaming is effected by by connection speed? Which is a measley 1 MBit.
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Morning wolverine. I assume you are on about streaming media directly from the net, if so then yes it will be effected by your connection speed, but to what extent will depend on the serving website.

    Ref my post last night, the frequencies overlap in wifi, if you're interested. Consider some one on an overlaping channel as borrowing your throughput. Wifi is convenient for most connections but if streaming media is what you want to do you can't yet beat a cable connection. If, as you said, you can make a physical connection to the PC then that is the way to go to have consistent throughput.

    Hope that helps.
  9. I'm in agreement with Ord_Sgt here. TVersity is the best program I've found to use, but I found it to be a little tempremental (probably the wi-fi rather than the program) if you are using it for media files on your computer harddrive I found the best way was to transfer the file direct to the PS3 hard drive using a USB stick
  10. Thanks OS, that'll be my project for today!

    Does the stick have to be formatted a certain way? I understand that if you want to connect an external hard drive to it, it has to be formatted a particular way. A FAT32 file system as opposed to an NTFS one?
  11. I have found that PS3 Media Server is a better program to use than TVersity. The program itself doesn't seem as polished, but it seems to be more reliable when streaming and will transcode files that the PS3 can't natively play with less drain on your resources.

    I find it also displays the files better (assuming they are arranged properly in your PC) as you just select a folder(s) for it to share with the PS3.

    I found that for decent quality streaming (by this I mean decently watchable on a 40" TV) wifi doesn't really cut it. Depending on the bitrate of your files, wifi just can't cope.
  12. Yeah - got to be FAT32. When you insert it into the PS3, and view it in the PS3 file manager (can't remember its name) press the triangle button to make it show all.. then it should work ok
  13. Real Drag..All of this... I bought PS3 last year as the hype said it was the dogs.
    I am not really a games player and the 2 games that came with PS3 I can not paly. (bit thick on what you are meant to do)
    At the end of the day I want to watch AVI or any common video file and the PS3 will not do that. I think due to licencing bla.
    So I have used TVersity and much to my suprise works very well with 95% of stuff.
    I have tried the MS streaiming s/w but I think it is a bit heavy.
    Problem is if you set up a PC with TVersity leave it be. I started to move PC around and ad disks etc etc and Icannot be arrsed to set I up all the time.
    Better to use a little bit of DOS to set up properly but the instruction are clear is you are a bit a tiny bit PC savvy.

    I was pleased with TVersity and suprised it work at all... I wish I had known tha PS3 needs all this crap to play a simple AVI but...too late...£300 quid... ...but why make thinks so difficult... Sony really should sort this....
  14. I use twonkey vision on my ps3. Works with most movies including divx etc.