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PS3 security chinned - Offcial

The nerds have finally done to the PS3 what they did much quicker to the 360, PSP & Wii.

Google a bit and expect to see lots of new torrents at your favourite naughty site.


Kit Reviewer
The PS3 Jailbreak came out about two weeks to a month ago. The last firmware update (a week or so back?) closed the loophole that allowed it, similar to the iPhone patch that was released last month - so unless they've recently found another vulnerability, I think this one's old news.

Of course, if you ignored the last system update, you can still crack your PS3.
I hadn't upgraded since 3.15 (last ver with the other OS option). But then I seldom, if ever have it on PSN either.

What you say is true though. Went to 3.41 from a disc and cracked using my 'phone... It works. Or did on that firmware.

With the ability to run unsigned code, it'll only be a matter of time before the update (and any following) gets the message too.

Happy days.

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