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My PS3 (40GB fatboy model) which I've had since launch week has finally given up the ghost. I blasted a hairdryer in the rear vent for twenty minutes which appears to have given me just enough time to refresh my latest backups, but with the anticipated PS4 release barely a year away it looks like I'm going to have to buy a new console anyway.

I've had a scan around the webs and PC World are offering a 160GB Slim model for barely £100 online. Unfortunately they've sold out everywhere within 100 miles. Does anyone else know of any particularly interesting deals on the consoles? I literally just need something to keep me in AC3 and BluRays until the 4 comes out, and bearing in mind I've put up with my old one for over five years I've no real need for something top-end. The fact a slim-line is quieter and doesn't nail my 'leccy bill is simply a bonus.

I'd rather not spend more than £150, I don't like those stupid 12GB models (unless there's a legitimate HDD upgrade route that falls in budget - I'm not scared of doing the work myself) and I don't particularly want another fat model. This is why the 160GB appeals, but I'm not too precious.

Any hints?


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Well given you lot were singularly useless I thought I'd drop some feedback in here for anyone who ends up in the same situation.

In the end I got a 500GB super-slimline model from for £200 complete with FIFA13 and a Dualshock3 pad (the pad is already included with the console but the game was in as a bundle deal). I already had FIFA so shifted that to a mate for £30, and the old machine went on eBay for £35. That means overall expenditure of £135 on a brand new console, and the pad is worth £40 in its own right.

If I could apply that level of financial skill to my Defence acquisition job I might actually one day make a decent project manager...
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