Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by polar, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. I understand the PS3 will be able stream video to a PSP but does anyone know how it will link to other PC's within the home network.

    I'm currently using TVersity as a multimedia server and intend to move over this role to the PS3 but I wouldn't be suprised if its not that suitable or this role (I see TVeristy works with the XBox 360 and may be a better purchase)
  2. So the PS3 has come out for sale in the UK today, has anyone been that keen to buy it today or know someone who's bought/used it?
    Despite the standard description Sony's given to the wonderful uses the PS3 has, I am keen to see or hear a review describing the on-screen differences (if any) between this machine and the PS2. Personally I'm not convinced; I'm content with DVDs so far than using blu-ray discs and that price is not exactly luring. Still, if I'm curious enough, might just wait a few months to get it when the price is down to £200 :cool:

    Apologies for jumping thread Polar, it was more or less the same title for my post. :winkrazz:
  3. X360 (£270) + XBox HD DVD player (£120) is the way ahead.
  4. It doesn't even play all the PS2 games :shakefist: Link
  5. You can get the Xbox 360 and HD DVD package for about £300 in places. I've had a 360 since launch and I got a HD-DVD drive months ago as well. Most of the games for the PS3 are all available on the XBox 360 and the online live service is cracking.

    The HD-DVDs look fantastic on my 50 inch plasma too, so I am not forking out £425 for the PS3, before you even get a game to play :thumbdown: It has nothing to offer over and above what the 360 does. Although BlueRay seems to produce a better variety of movies, you can get loads of HD-DVDs from movietyme in the states.

    Sony have fcuked up IMO, they were too slow to get this onto the uk market and uncle Bill has taken advantage
  6. As a games machine I don't think it compares to its rivals (especially for price).

    Problems. It really needs a wired connection not wireless, if you go for wireless only you loose the PSP connectivity and the download speeds are much poorer.

    PSP connectivity, not that good, I expected to be able to browse the PS3 without getting PS3 into a special mode. It only works with videos and MP3. You can't load a game into the PS3 (e.g. PS2 or PS1) and then play it on the PSP!!!! I think its been built in to prevent this (after all it can stream video isn't a game just video????).

    So don't buy PS3 for PSP compatibilty, maybe a factor for PS1 or PS2 games. If you want media on a PSP use TVerisity on a PC with wireless connection.

    Games seem a lot better quality on normal TV (which you would expect) not a good selection at the mo.

    Its not really a multimedia server more a multimedia client (I would liken it to a family sized grown up PSP). Again TVersity makes the PS3 more usefull, its brought recorded/downlaoded TV out of the geek room into the living room.

    Would I recomend it, well it was on solid all weekend (but NOT AS A GAMES MACHINE). I feel this PS will last a lot longer than the last one but as what I don't know....

    I'm in the market for a cheap internet/games/multimedia device for the kitchen/car?? PS2, wireless/network card and LCD front -- maybe thats the future.