PS3 or Xbox

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dirtyfilthymech, Nov 14, 2009.

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  1. Everybody seems to be on about this COD MW2, I'm intrigued and fancy playing it, what console should i go out and buy, I don't want to play it on my computer, i fancy a console in the comfort of my lounge big scene and surround sound.

    Thanks in advance

    Sorry i have now found an older thread

  2. PS3

    1. The PS3 Has Hi-Def/Blu-ray
    2. The PS3 Is Ready Out of the Box, Cheaper to Own
    3. The PS3 Has Great Games To Satisfy the Mainstream and the More Discerning Gamer (Metal Gear Solid 4, God Of War III, LittleBigPlanet, Gran Turismo 5)
    4. The PS3 Has Lots of Multimedia and Non-gaming Features (The PS3 can show pictures, play videos, and play music you download from the net, or from a USB device)
    5. Online Gaming Is Free and Easy (no extra fees or complicated friend codes required)
  3. I think games consoles are too structured and lack variation. Neither PS3 or Xbox interest me at the moment, and COD MW2 is probably all hype. Remember MGS:Solid Snake?

    Gaming PCs are the way forward. 12mghz processor, 2 to 4 video cards, and a fan to cool it all off. Custom builds available and upgradeable at a later date. Lots of variables in games that can be adjusted to suit, and lots of 3rd party developers producing add-ons etc; Graphics and realism will piss over any console game, particularly if you use accessories like Track IR (google/you tube it)

    At least with a good gaming PC set-up, you are future proofed much more than with a console based system, that will be obsolete in 3-5 years or less.
  4. I'd have to say the PS3 because it doesn't have any hidden costs, and I think it probably ends up cheaper than the Xbox 360.

    But I second the PC's are the way forward! Loving my little rig, only cost me 400 and can play Crysis:Warhead on max settings!
  5. You may want to consider neither and join the few who do not game........
  6. I have an XBOX and right now I wish I had a ps3 only due to the free wireless capability, and there's also no telling how much I have spent on Xbox live without having been able to play it
  9. Are any of you over 12 years old?
  10. Guessing you are not under 50?
  11. 49 actually!
  12. Near as dammit. Just waiting for old grandfather time to call it, eh?

    Why don't you nip out to the real world and enjoy it a little while you can.

    Time is not on your side!
  13. Paedo Alert !! .. :wink:
  14. My first reaction is to say get a friggin life, but speaking from experience my son has a XBOX and it has been back and forth to microsoft for repairs etc numerous times. They are now clamping down on people who use snidie modifications and games as well. We've just received our lads xbox back from microsoft in "ze farterland" and now it says he cant use it. They are, in my honest opinion, a bunch of cnuts. :evil:
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