PS3 or xbox 360

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by FR_Trooper, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. PS3 (slim, 20GB, 60GB ect ect)

  2. XBOX 360 ( ELITE, 20GB, 60GBect.)

  1. I have just recieved a golden hello for joining the army and fancy a new console (i still have a PS2) but wondered which one was better because the list is endless!

    PS3 (20 GB, 60 GB, 120 GB ect.)
    PS3 slim

    XBOX 360 (20 GB, 60 GB, 120 GB ect.)
    XBOX 360 ELITE
  2. 360 Better online games (although you have to pay for the Gold service) and a better back catalogue.
  3. PS3 lacks the red rings of death, a nice inclusion by MS, denoting this machine is completely fukced.

    You can't play films on an xbox

    PS3 doesnt destroy discs.

    PS3 plays Bluray

    PS3 on the last update has BBC Iplayer on the xmb
  4. Having both id go with the 360, massively better than the PS3 for online gaming and ease of use, plus the pad feels easier to use than the PS3. Get the elite 360 though for the HDMI outlet and you're onto a winner! :D
  5. PS3 has the class,but 360 has the Games and the cash left to buy them!My grandson and I spend hours on HALO3 and HALO ODST.
  6. PS3 everytime....
  7. Ive just asked the clever one in the family, he says, PS3 for graphics and sound, online and off. Xbox for PC like capability, online chat, etc is superb.

    I just use the PS3, obtain a film, stick on a USB stick, plug it in and watch it.
  8. I would choose the xbox 360 online gaming is so much beter than the PS3. What do you mean your £500 for joining the Army i have neve rheard of that?????
  9. PS3. HD DVD is dead. Long Live Blu-Ray (though that will soon be outdated as 3D-TV is comming, developed by Panasonic, aparently Sky is already planning 2 Channels in the next couple of years!). Lets just hope 3D discs will be Blu-Ray compatible.
  10. im doing a college course called "preperation for the army" or something along those lines, and because im a college student and im applying to join the army they recruiting folk try to keep you interested with the offers of money, pussy and more money. i get £500 now, £500 at the end of the course and £1000 at the end of phase 1

    The course is exellent, run by a couple of guys from 1 SCOTS and ex KOSB guy, basicaly like a more advanced, detailed version of cadets.
  11. Ah right no problem i just thorght i was missing out hah
  12. You have to take a look at what you want from gaming. take a look at the games that both offer, and make that your primary advice line,
    Both have their faults and strengths, as said ps3 has bbc i player, shortly the 360 will have Sky, facebook and all the rest. The ps3 has blu ray if you like your films,
    For me, i much prefer xbox, but others will like ps3 just as much
  13. you bloody well can, and if your a smart arse and have your entire DVD library back up and ripped you can plug in your external hard drive and play em through that.

    Failing that i stream my media onto my TV via my 360 & wireless network.

    but hey, apparently you cant play films on an XBOX :D
  14. Get a ps3 m8, iv had 3 elite systems and all had ring of death. with the ps3 theres no batteries to put in the joypad, web browser, better processor, standard hdmi, looks nicer, a nice normal joypad and blu ray, the only thing better about the xbox is the online you will find more people playing it. my theory is that everyone got used to it before the ps3 came out and started using excuses like....its shit, gameplays bad ect. when it truth they never played the ps3 and they couldnt afford it! people say the gameplay is better on xbox lol. the ps3 has a better processor FACT. plus the people who make the games make them all the same lol. PS3 FOR THE WIN M8 OH AND YOU DONT NEED A ONLINE MEMBERSHIP FOR IT! PLUG IN THE ETHERNET AND YOU OFF!
  15. I had an XBox (got stolen) and now have a PS3. PS3 looks nicer, plays Blu-Ray, and is quieter, but I still prefer the XBox - better games and better controls.