PS3 Headset for Rainbow 6: Vegas

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Mr Happy, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I specifically bought a PS3 because I couldn't get any online gaming done via my PC. I have since purchased Call Of Duty 3 (Good online if you can find a game that lets you join), Blazing Saddles, (never managed to get online) and Rainbow 6: Vegas (easily online - great game play).

    So my simple question is, which headset should I get for the PS3, the reviews advise avoiding the wireless version as it interferes with the controller.

    I am a little nervous about getting one as I may end up shouting at the civvies all the time to get back in formation and stuff and end up having blazing rows with 12 year olds..
  2. Welcome to the world of online gaming. It's full of stupid kids with high voices. If that dont bother you then your all good. No one uses tactics. They use the more simple "Run and gun" But if you want to talk to them then i guess it's a start. I have only seen wireless mics for the ps3. But if you can find a wired one then go for it. I have a 360 which is great for online.

    I have never heard of interferance with the mic and the pad so if i was you i would go with this

    good luck man

  3. I played Counter strike with a bunch of ex military. If you can get a group like that you will mop the floor with the kiddies. Until of course the aimbots come out. Then no amount of tactics and discipline will help you.
  4. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Yeah, its the team you end up with. Ex mil guys are happy to cover there arc for a few minuets and sip on a beer, kids, as you say, run with their fingers on the trigger and hope. What annoys the Fck out of me though is that they;re always killing me and I never seem to win a 1:1 firefight head on. Not on Black Hawk Down, BF2, Call of Duty, Rainbow 6 or anything.

    Hence I often avoid the team and take a sniper / hide in the bushes with a silencer harassing role. Its not as exciting but better than dying as soon as I see the enemy..

    On the plus side as I'm playing Rainbow 6 on the PS3 their shouldn't be any hacking - Right? Its one of the reasons I bought the machine and stopped playing on the PC..