PS3 HDD swap

Hi all. hopefully getting another PS3 due to the death of old one. Am i right in thinking that i should be able to swap the HDD's over and all data,game saves and profile be able to work on the new one ?
well i'd like to assume that they wouldn't do anything daft like change the firmware or codecs or anything.... but it is sony so be prepared for it not to work.
I wouldn't hold my breath, i sent mine back to be repaired and they sent it back with a blank hard drive.

Since then though i've put in a 250gb HDD myself, it's very easy if you want the space to store smut and music
Not sure, I swopped my drive to a 120GB that I'd taken from my laptop. Wasn't too worried about holding on to my saves. Formatted it and the thing that surprised me was it still had a lot of info that I thought would have been lost. Network log-ins etc.

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