PS3 hard drive upgrade??

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by whatnow?, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. :? Hello fellow arrsers

    i have a question

    Is it possible to swap the hard drive in the PS3 for a larger one? I ask as my son has filled his 60gb one and i was wondering if its a simple task or a big no no . I imagine someone on here has tried at least once.

    thank you :twisted:
  2. Just buy an external hard drive, probably cheaper and won't void your warranty.
  3. It's easy and it won't void the warrenty.

    On the side of the ps3 there is a hdd bay, a couple of screws to remove and then the old hdd can be removed and a new one can be put in.

    It's going to have to a 5200rpm 2.5in drive or the ps3 may have trouble using it.

    The best thing to do would be to back up to an external drive and then install the new one and restore from the external drive.

    This is the one i've got my eye on, i'll prob end up getting it come pay day and i'll let you know how it goes in the ps3
  4. Trade it in. The new PS3 slimline 250GB is £250 - GAME were offering a £100 trade in against it for your old PS3.

    £150 notes, a brand new, smarter console with loads of spare memory. Sorted!! :wink:
  5. :? Thanks for the help

    i wont trade the old one for a new one just because its thinner -

    wife maybe console no
    besides i have found this Hard drive link

    for £34 i can get 250 gb PS3 ready

    thanks for all the help folk much appreciated

  6. That dabs hd seems expensive !!

    have you tried 750 gb hd for laptop is £112 link for hard drive

    might save you some money for other stuff
    hope it helps :D