PS3 Blu Ray region patch

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by one-flew-over, Sep 2, 2008.

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  1. Being a tightwad I got a PS3 abroad. Great for games as they are non-regional. However the Blu Ray only plays region A (SE Asia and USA) discs. Is there any way of making it multi-regional?

    Any advice appreciated. Cheers

  2. At present, I dont think there is a way to unlock the regions.


    All the games are region free but some Bluray films are region locked dependant on which studio released them. A lot of films are region free and can be watched on your system.

    Have a look here for which films are region free;

    Bluray region compatability

    Some may have the region honeycomb on the back but will actually be region free. Its just a case of checking on the big list.

    I too have a US system (bought in a PX) and have no problems with UK purchased games and just have to check compatability with the big list prior to buying a film (I've got the list on my phone as a txt doc for ref when out shopping).
  3. Thanks Flash,

    I also have placed an order with DVD World USA a UK company importing DVD and Blu Ray from the US. They clearly lable their stock by region. The problem is a lot of shops put the security sticker over the region info so I have a couple of duff purchases now!

  4. Yep, I've done that a couple of times too.

    The best bet is either through DVD World or have the big list with you when you go shopping. Even though some discs state they are Region B on the cover, they may actually be region free. Use the big list! :wink:
  5. check and test all multi-region Blu-rays, import all my BDs from them!