PS3 - Are games regional?

I have an American PX nearby. If I get a PS3 can I play games from PAL and NTSC or is it like PS2 where you can only play the region where the consol comes from.

Are Blu Ray discs regional as well?

I believe if I get a 60GB I can play the old PS 2 games as well, anyone done this and does it work OK?


Apparently PS3 games are region free, people import games from japan / usa which, apart from any language barrier, apparently work fine. However, software updates through the PSN may be region specific, not sure on this.

Blu-ray discs are regional (I think!) I will check one later and get back to you.

If the 60GB PS3 is american it will have hardware emulation for PS2 games (european versions used software) so this will likely be region specific (i.e NTSC games only), the SOny website may shed some light on this. Unless playing PS2 games is really important to you maybe you might consider the 40GB version. With the money you save you can easily stick in a 160 or 250GB HD if you want (v easy mod to do)
I recently bought a PS3 game in South America and it works ok. :D
Thanks REgards and TBU.

The PS2 games are the clincher - mainly sports (Rugby, Cricket etc) which are not yet on PS3. I did check out their site but it did't answer as well as you have. I will get a European PS3 and my PS2 games are PAL so that should work but new PS3 games from the PX are much cheaper!

1 point o-f-o, are you sure you can still get a PAL 60GB? I got a 40GB because sony have stopped production of the 60 in PAL regions. If all else fails, just keep hold of the 2 until they release the type of games you like for the 3.

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