PS3. 2 controllers. HDMI Cable. All cables. Game. Orig box

Hi guys

Am selling my PS3 and thought of you lovely people....well anything's an improvement from the scamming Nigerian cnuts on Gumtree etc.

Anyway, it's one of the 60GB release stock consoles which has the backwards compatible function - i.e. it can play all the older games from the previous consoles but the non 60GB ones can't do that.

PS3 is also a blu-ray player.

I'm throwing in...

Two wireless controllers plus as many of the old wired ones I can find from about the house - at least 2/3

HDMI cable

Red Faction Guerilla with original box (AWSOME game btw :) )

All the cables and connectors for the console, plus the charger leads for the controllers

Original PS3 box.

It's honestly in good nick guys, only selling due to a move in with the better half and we'd have two PS3's between us. (so mine has to go, the bitch)

Up on gumtree etc at about £230 inc postage.


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