PS2 Games???


Hello everyone!

Just wondered if you could help husband was injured in afghan and has (hopefully temporarily) lost the use of his right arm, and i know he really misses playing his this is where i need your help...

Anyone know any games he can play one handed? i had thought of time crisis sort of thing but don't know a lot about consoles so have no idea what else there could be!!!

Wasn't sure where to post this so sorry if in the worng place but it looked busy in this section so hope to get some replies!

Thanks in advance,



I will absolutely resist the temptation, because I choose to believe this is a post about a wounded squaddie.

I would recommend strategy, turn-based games for the PC, things like Medieval: Total War, CIV:III, or perhaps even World of Warcraft, which is an online game that, unfortunately requires a subscription (about $200 USD/year here in Canada).

Perhaps some other folks out there have some other suggestions.

BTW, two points here. Highest regards and best of luck to your husband. He deserves a world of thanks for his service and it truly is appreciated. As well, you are a fantastic lady for standing by him throughout and for continuing to look after him, and bless you for it. I hope that the two of you have many happy years ahead and that each is better than the last.

Best Regards,

If you have a bit of cash but the new nintendo. The controller uses motion sensors and most games can be played one handed while moving around, help keep him a bit more active.

Just move things out of the way or he'll be smashing lamps and coffee mugs trying to play tennis.

Hope he gets better soon.


ha that the wii? is it good? i will have a look at how much they are...i had heard of them but didn't know they work this way! Thanks!