PS at TA Units are they just STABS themselves

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by southern, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. They say you get promoted to the point of incompetence then go no higher.

    It's not the journey that matters but the destination..............

    So, are PS at TA Units nothing but career STABS? I mean they spend all their time with STABS, they work at STAB buildings and probably spend the whole day giving it large with 'When I......' stories to impressionable just STAB fillies and people like BravoBravo.

    Whats worse is when they then spend their life toaking the piss out of STABS on ARRSE...............

    What d'you reckon?
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  2. I was PS at a TA MLRS unit. Saw what an easy time the TA was compared to the Reg's, and how cushy and easy civvy street is. I signed off, and handed my kit in 9 months later. A month after that I went back to the TAC with all my buckshee kit, handed it to a TA/ CS mate, and walked out the gate, never to return.

    Thats was 10 years ago, so things have changed. Then, the TA as I saw it, was a paid drinking club for Seniors and Officers, who were content to sit back on their arses and do next to fuck all, knowing that the PS/Day Staff would sort everything out for them. As I said though, that was then.
  3. I reckon you're Westerns new Callsign.

    I give it 48hrs before 90% of ARRSE has you on "ignore" again. What d'you reckon?
  4. It's definately someone playing wind up, but I don't think its Western.

    I think he made some valid musings on his first post, hence why I think its someone else!
  5. Valid musings? I think you'll find that the PS are there because MRO posted them there. No doubt there are those who give it the big "I AM" whilst at a TA unit, but those will be few and far between. Now NRPS being career STABs........... (runs and hides)
  6. Allow me to apologise in advance, I was not trying to stir anything up or 'rock the boat', I believe the Original Post is aimed at a certain person on here, it made me laugh anyway!!

  7. regs with no commitment, ?
    regs who know the end is nigh ?
    regs that dont ''fit'' in ?
    regs that need a command appointment on their next cr ?
  8. Are you sure you arent a TA Walt, because you are curiously uninformed about Regs attached to TA units.
  9. of course iam a walt ! , iam a STAB....... do keep up.............
  10. That was then.

    But is there any truth that a certain regular Brigadier did a report on the TA in 1983 or thereabouts, and in his conclusions, recognised that whilst some units professionalism could on occasion put the regs to shame, others were little more than 'a gun club with a drink problem'?
  11. I said a TA Walt, not a common or garden SF walt. Do keep up.
  12. I was with the TA from 97/98 to 2001, and nothing had changed. In fact, a large number of them handed their kit in when told compulsory mobilisation was starting.
  13. speshal forces in my garden !!!!!!!!!!!

    iam second line specalist, not front line fodder..............
  14. I think the Brigadier meant they were a drink club with a gun problem?
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  15. You are pretty much told now that if you are not prepared to mobilise, don't join!