Prudence or hysteria?

MMMMmmm, doesn't half make you think though.  Has the Government received some intelligence of impending attack?  It seems they ARE expecting something to happen what with this business of looking for storage for 1000's of bodies.  Not a time for living and working in the City, me thinks..........
Prudence or Hysteria?




I rekon there is a distinct possibility of things kicking off over here when we roll across the border.  

There are 2.5 Mil (roughly) Muslims in this country, i am not saying that all of these are miliant, but all it takes is a handfull of militant people (like that w*nker with the hook) to convert the borderline cases, and we've got quite a problem on our hands.  I'm sure we all know that it's not hard to get hold of firearms in this country.  It wouldn't take much to start, and we may have found our trigger in Iraq.

Just a theory but fairly plausible i think.  


I think I said this in the 'Why go to war post', the Allies will destroy Saddam,(and rightly so), no doubt. How many of his oil wells are already rigged to self destruct?

But like in chess, you check mate the king and win, but how many Pawns are left?-3 or 4. Already to take up the vial of Anthrax or smallpox. Or the 20kg of C4.- and wander into the Circle Line at 0730hrs and pull the pin!  Once the Arab world see how Dubya operates then we will be in for a rough ride!

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