PRS - Performing Rights Society - a rant

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Biped, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    What's with this bunch of slaaags then eh?

    Got a threatening letter from them some time ago saying that we'd been caught playing the radio in our office, and we had to pay them a fee.

    "Alright" I said "Tell you what - if you can explain to me how it is that I have to pay you a licence fee to play Radio sodding 2, AS WELL AS BBC Radio 2 paying you a royalty fee every time they play a track, and thus giving you double-bubble, then I might consider it."

    Suffice to say, the explanation I got was something along the lines of 'thems' the rules baby'.

    In the end, I told them to take a running jump, and that in no way would my company play or promote ANY of their artists in my workplace, and nor would I give them one red cent.

    What an utter bunch of thieving chods!! They get paid by the Beeb for playing their tracks, jingles and fcuk knows what else, and then WE have to pay them again, no to mention the fact that we pay a BBC licence fee anyway!

    I've ignored their stupid letters ever since, and if they phone up our workplace, they get a mouthful abuse.


    Anyone else been done by these t0ssers?
  2. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Philistine. Porcupine. Ponce.

    The PRS are better than daffodils in the Spring and their calls brighten my day.

    Q - "Do you play a radio at work?"

    A - "Not since Mummy died. What colour is your hair?"

    Q - "Do you have recorded music on your telephone hold message?"

    A - "Your son has questionable DVDs. We should be together. Calls may be recorded for training purposes and to help enhance your customer experience"

    Endless fun.
  3. When I travel between sites I have the car radio on.

    Since I am working and the car is my "office"/place of work should I have to pay?
  4. They are cnuts and they will do you.

    I have to deal with them when we fit tannoy systems at factories that play radio or music, they are right aggressive w*nkers sometimes when it comes to getting their licence fees.

    No way out of it really mate except to play "royalty free music", which is basically elevator background music and (old) classical.

    They are en par to the TV licence cnuts. I would wonder how they knew though as they don't have the same detection technology as the TV people. Any bitter fcukers at your place that might have shopped you?
  5. Seconded. My mate thought he could bluff it but to no avail. They are like rotties with a bone. Cough up, it's the only way.

  6. I invited them to listen to the music in our place and if they could identify just one musician or composer they represented I'd pay.

    Obviously their bod was a little rusty on his "world" music cos he left soon after...

    Bunch of self-appointed snoopers who have no more legal standing than the local pigeon fanciers club. They hide behind wording that makes it look as if they are some sort of arm of the state. I refuse to pay on principle.

    More annoying yet is that the MOD collude with them and insist that Messes and Bars have a license.
  7. Pitiable, isn't it? It was the life's work of a certain Finance Officer at a certain Hampshire-based establishment to ensure that the PRS's bizarre requirements were met to the letter. Not a popularity move.

    In a small effort to redress the balance, someone closely resembling me never sought to censure soldiers who bought and shared vast quantities of Balkan pirate CDs, nor did he abstain himself. He also didn't make sure that the 200gb or so of BFBS catalogue music that fell into the unit's hands didn't wind up on countless hard drives that spawned countless others...
  8. There are infact two different organisations trying to fleece you one represents the artist the other the composer. I had the visit and promptly decided I had enough and no longer play any music. I am surprised they havent jumped on the MOD yet all those garages/LADs etc playing BFBS full volume - its only a matter of time before they weasel their way in and like TV licence fees it will be another steath tax on the lads and lasses in camps around the country.
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Stream Spotify and they cant touch you.

    If they try, belt them in the mouth and tell the Magistrate you have an aversion to men in plastic shoes. Not a Court in the land will convict you.
  10. Biped Check PMs.
  11. They are complete Cnuts, if you are self employed or run your own company you are considered fair game for their extortion racket. Yes that includes the car radio Mr Window Cleaner, and you Mr Painter/Decorator listening to Classic FM. Pay us some extortion money or we will drag you through a legal process you cannot afford to contest.
    Nice to see YouTube and Google giving them rockall over their license demands for music online by yanking the lot, means more people will then go to less legitimate sites to download/watch music and so PRS lose out again. Tw@ts
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Good on Google - I'd be more than happy if Google just fcuked them off completely.

    Just got ANOTHER letter this morning from these b@stards!

    OK - for the record, PRS - GO FUCK YOURSELVES!

    You are, like unions of old, highly damaging to the industry you purport to serve. You are annoying the fuck our of people who would otherwise give your represented artists FREE AIRTIME in their establishments, for the benefit of visiting and employed people who may become buyers of your artists music thanks to MY play time.

    I've got a GREAT idea - Why don't you CUNTS pay ME to allow your artists music to be played in MY commercial establishment?

    I'm promoting your fucking artists to my customers, and you expect ME to pay?


    Awaiting your next missive, visit, legal action threat.

  13. If the MOD insist so strongly on abiding by PRS rules why do they not pay royalties to all army musicians?
  14. I have had three of these letters the last one saying they were going to pay a visit. All I had was a web site. I just ignore them but I think they originally were set up to collect the royalties from music played in public places like pubs, clubs, jukeboxes etc.

    This seems to be a new thing about charging fees for offices, factories or in my case my FLAT. Imagine what is going to happen to day time commercial radio, if bosses ban the radio from the work place.