PRR - What's that all about then...?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by 5_mile_sniper, Oct 17, 2003.

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  1. Have seen people talking about PRR in a few posts. I'm assuming that this is the Personal Role Radio.

    I remember hearing about something like this being on the drawing board when I was in the OTC and thinking "That sounds like quite a good idea". At the time it was assumed that it would be a one system transmitting from Sect Comd to his riflemen, but the pics that I have seen from Telic it looks like a 2-way system...

    Is it a good bit of kit or just another item to add to the already heavily laden Inf soldier?

    Sorry if this is spotterish, but I'm really fcuking bored at work today!!!
  2. its not a good piece of kit.

    Its a very good piece of kit.

    Like the 349 in concept, but about the size of a packet of fags and a comfy headset. Dead lightweight, too. An addition to the CLANSMAN ( yes I know its designated PRC 343 or whatever ) and is used as a chatnet by eg. Rifle sections, Mortar line etc. The headset and pressel switch can be plugged into eg. 351 and used for PRR at the same time.

    Not secure and VP is not used. Which is nice.
  3. Completely agree with you there Bravo_Bravo.

    The headset is indeed a dream to wear. I hate the silly clansman squid and always have, plus the throat mike always used to give you a rash. Thank god we now have PRR!

  4. I concure totally.

    The PRR made a lot of normally difficult jobs a damn site easier. Apart from a few problems with them not being 100% squaddie proof (But what is?) it was a 'top' bit of kit.
  5. Thanks for clearing that up. Glad to hear that it's good kit and that it is 2-way! I think that head-shed's original idea was some thing that was only 1-way from the sect-comd so that he could tell his boys what to do.

    I can only smile thinking about what an OTC exercise would have been like with these... :p

    "Hello 21C, this is gunner Fcuknuts, I'm cold, hungry and my feet hurt, over" :twisted:
  6. PRR is a lovely little bit o' kit.

    Love the blue tooth bit too. Dead easy to use, and "second nature" use, especially the 2 button version is very quick

    Only complaint, would be on the 2 button version, the button you need to talk to higher means needs to be a bit more obvious to early users, but once in the swing , it's a joy.
  7. the tubey thingy to protect the mic from water snot etc is usless other than that its a great bit of kit
  8. The tubey thing is the NBC mike, and is the D's B's.

    Used it throughout telic, and never looked back. Speech is so much cleared then the clansman nbc mike its a no brainer.

    For the duration of the war I just used a command PRR with nbc mike and plugged into what ever I needed to use.

    A mate trialed them at Cophill Down, and reckoned that there was a 75% drop in tesex fibua casualties when using PRR.
  9. i broke 2 of em in 2 days, we are talking about the u shaped tube which slides over the mic and has a rubber (eraser) type thing on other end, how does this wiork with NBC?
  10. There is a plug in the bottom of the 2 button version that accepts a pressel switch connector. I used the button for chat net, the pressel for grown up net. People say that they dont get confused over the two button version.

    My ears tell me otherwise; "Oi Finchey get your fat arse over there " on a company / BG support net is a clue that the wrong button has been pressed..

    Rant over.
  11. They're not 100% waterproof either and dont take kindly to being immersed, complete with user in the Schatt al Basra, but at least the life jackets work :lol: No names mentioned no Sgts embarrassed.
  12. as above, brilliant! Love the two nets business. and the weight is just perfect!

    We never go to see the remote prestel though, but sounds good too.