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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by walting_matilda, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. Dear all,

    I'm looking for a really good PRR Radio replica (wich can be powered by AA batteries) which can be brough on the open market. I'm no walt but just sick to death of radios going down while of exercise.

  2. Who are you going to talk to on this 'PRR' of yours?

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  3. Whats a "PRR Radio" you do know what PRR stands for dont you Personal Role Radio
  4. P.S. try Ebay
  5. buy the real thing on ebay, always squaddies trying to get caught by the RMP's on there
  6. Wha deflector on.....

    Other people with PRRs...............

    I don't care what style it is, just that it is a powerful radio that can be used mid to long distance that can be powered by AA batteries rather than something that is integral to the handset which only lasts a couple of hours.
  7. What do you count as mid to long distance? My understanding of long distance would be 100's o KMs using an HF set, not a walkie talkie equivalent using AA batteries.

    Why do your PRRs seem to always be failing? Have you submitted any fault reports?
  8. Eh? Last time I looked, PRR was powered by AA batteries.

    And if you're using AAs, then unless you've got a truly enourmous number of them, you get high power OR long transmission time.
  9. Spot on.

    Equipment Care is everyones business and ensure you fill in a CIS/IR for EVERY item and EVERY failure. Keep 'em going in.

    I beleive, though, that the PRR is a UOR type procurement. Not sure if replacements are bought, or if we'll just buy a shed load more at some point.

    Look at the faults and see if you could rememdy the fault. Could be a GEMS payout in it for you.
  10. Currently with the CCF. Unable to get hold of PRRs and looking to buy something remarkably similar (with ability to be powered with AA batteries).

    The little Motorola radios are rubbish and are only effective for 500m in woodland etc. Mobiles run out of battery with use and cold weather. We have got something a little bit bigger, but again with a battery integral to the radio. We use them for D of E and exercises in the hills of Scotland etc.
  11. WM you didn't make that very clear in your post, I thought you were looking for a PRR to talk to other PRRs.

    In actual fact you seem to want to purchase a radio system for your Cadets.

    Motorola XTR446 Two-way Radio Batteries Transformer and: Electronics

    The re-chargeable batteries are AA so you should be able to do your bit for the environment and recharge, but on occaision whack some normal batts in.

    Motorola XTR446 - Twinpack PMR licence free 2 way: Electronics
    use AAAs (rechargeable or normal) and come with headsets etc. two radios too.
  12. You could try through your CTT to bid for Airwave radios that your Regional Brigade hold. Since you are conducting official training, you should be able to access the Bde's pool - kept for UK ops. Whilst working for a Regional Bde, we had literally hundreds sitting on shelves. Might be worth investigating. Also, I thought the Cadets have a pool of Harris VHF radios that were purchsed to cover for the withdrawal of CLANSMAN - worth having your CTT investigate access to the pool.

  13. For a decent range two way radio have a look at Maplin's Mitex 5 watt sets; only £150/pair, range of about 5 to 15 miles. These work very well in the Highlands and you can easily get headset/mic/earpiece accessories for them.
    They even come with an application form for the licence if you want to spend another £75. I've heard tell that they work fine without the licence but I could not condone that sort of action myself!