PRR RADIO feedback,.,..(is it any gud???)

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by blackice, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. :? Hi guy`s/gal`s
    As a equipment examiner i need your feedback concernig PRR radiop sets, percificatly headsets" this is of course unoffical if you catch my drift, dont want 2 upset the top brass. but i need 2 know how well these set r working in the front line. the headset r my particale interest to me, after testing 1000`s, i find many r pretty shit but without feedback from you carnt stop this shit reaching you in theatre!
    do you find that your radio breaks up & message is unclear?
    do you have difficulty understanding messages?
    do everybody sound like a jordi
    do you find the mic gets alot interfearance from the wind?
    tell me any other probs you have incountered!
    Any faults with PRR, radio`s, headsets, switches, get writing those EFR`S! without them we carnt do jack!
    As u can tell by th speeling, i`m TA?
    Hav fun --- play safe-------thanx guy`s--gal`s :roll:
  2. Depends on your regiment. My chaps all sound like they're calling in from Chelsea. :D
  3. You're TA, you can't spell, you make no sense, why do you need feedback? Why unofficial? Why don't you want to upset the top brass? Are you going to draft a paper stating that unofficial feedback you have gathered whilst doing your official job leads you to believe something different to the official feedback you are receiving!

    You're a tool now go away!
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    Where ever did we find you!?! Are you the white noise from a HF set?
  5. Send again in clear, over
  6. Could you tell me percificatly what you want to know. Do you get a lot of what (alot interfearance {interference perhaps)). You sre obviously an expert on tythe subject as is evident by yuor concise explanation of what you want to knoI'm sure any equipment examiner worth his salt would know that he was AN equipment examiner not A equipment examiner.
  7. Hello unknown C/S this is 0 remove the marbles from your mouth and say again, over
  8. Two things:
    Firstly, how is the fact that you're TA (which I sincerely doubt) have any bearing on your absolutely atrocious spelling?
    Secondly, this is an Infantry forum. Why do you think you're going to get "gal`s" here?

    Now go away.
  9. All this info should be being captured on EFRs or CIS Incident Reports. There is no such thing as 'unofficial' fault reporting.

  10. Yes, why do a lot of you insist on using this strange word "persificately" when the one you mean is "specifically" as in "specification".
  11. "Lost One, this is Lost Two... repeat last transmission, your coming in broken and stupid over." :p
  12. Send Key setting over.

    As said if a system is sh*te we need it in the open with top brass so that equipment doesnt fail when needed by the blokes at the coal face. The blokes EFR to the Rad ops, RSI/RSO deals with it further up the chain. If your higher up the chain then visit the lads patroling in Afghan/Iraq and get the feedback there, if your a journo trying to troll fcuk off. Weekend here, fcuk shop (work) OUT.
  13. Hello MOD's this is me, send thread to the hole, out