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I'm trying to sort my webbing out, and need some assistance as i don't have a dual PRR to hand... I have seen on almost every photo that people carry their bowman set on their webbing on the back of their right hip, in the pouch. Question is, can i ( and if so how) get the cable from the PRR on my left shoulder down to the radio on my right hip.

Is it long enough? 'what route do i take' eg around the back- i would rather that than take the cable across the front of my body; can this be done? And ideas for securing it so it doesn't get caught? Is it tight or alright? Any help/ advice much appreciated,

As both PRR and radio were meant to have been replaced last year by FIST, your question should have been academic!

If I recall, there was a primary mounting position determined during trials, which permitted a range of about one sixth of that specified. Optimum cable routing followed. Any other mounting position compromised this performance (due to location/aspect of antenna). This was further complicated by another project choosing the same primary position for their kit. And then the same project (BOWMAN) choosing it again for something else. Do they not co-ordinate these things?

The FIST trials kit largely overcame this as PRR & VHF replacements were two very small modules inside one box, all powered by one battery (unfortunately, a BOWMAN battery at the time, so therefore too large/heavy/expensive and didn't work). Don't know what's happened in the four years since that.

But it was always obvious that it would be embarrassing replacing BOWMAN before it was fully delivered. Nevertheless, that replacement programme actually started 3 years before the BOWMAN contract was let, under a series of UORs! When BOWMAN pitched up, these users were asked to hand back better kit. And we wonder why there isn't enough money in the pot.
Ok, thanks. I was only asking if i could mount a 349 (which people are still using...) onto my right rear hip in a pouch on my webbing and will i be able to take the cable around the back of my body and fit the PRR onto my shoulder?

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