PRR and BOWMAN on e-bay. Legal?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tearsbeforebedtime, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. my understanding is that none of it had been released for sale yet, but who knows
  2. What usually happens is special branch will buy them, request an address to send the cheque to, then pay them a visit to find out if it is a seviceman who is selling them and/or where the civilian got them from.
  3. Sounds about right, but we're not the only end user of PRRs of that type I know for a fact that the USMC have them as well.
  4. The guys in suits that work for GCHQ that aren't really there will out bid any one on ebay, then pay the guy a visit. That goes for all comms kit
  5. My understanding the headsets are commercially available some weird kit fetish site I browsed had a long thread on attaching prr headsets to comercial radios for the "authentic look".Guess some radios might be on the market everything else is.Either its genuine surplus or a chat with the mps is in order.Bit annoying as my unit only just got them .
  6. The headsets aren't a problem, it's the radios themselves that the authorities try to keep out of civilian hands.

  7. Why? In case the Great British Public discover BOWMANS limitations and request their money back?
  8. Its just prr not the fable bowman system itself though .Still allowing comms gear on the open market seems dodgy to me wonder where it came from ?Particulary as my little jaunt to the desert we never had enough to go round .
  9. PRR (PRC343) arnt Bowman radios, they were bought under the Bowman umbrella pretty much as a PR stunt to be seen to be getting Bowman into service on time.

    They filled a capability gap and worked well but they are not Bowman radios.
  10. Bowman is an excellent piece of equipment. I once reached the dizzy distance of 7k's in Afghan with it! I've heard it works well in this country though, so should we ever have another civil war the royalists will be okay! :)
  11. I just recall reading something in Kit Magazine about it. Boredom's a terrible thing is my defence to that little nugget of information.
  12. what's the weather like on your planet? :)
  13. end and bell spring to mind.