Provost Seniors Crs (V)

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by fuzz, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. Hello All.

    Need to do the Provost Seniors' Course (V) and believe there is one September 2012.

    Does anyone have the DIN number for it (or a contact number/ email). Posted outwith RMP (V) at the moment and finding it a complete 'mare to get any information from own parent unit.

    Also, any pre-course requirements (save for the usual personality/ brain removal, lobotomy quips etc. etc.).


  2. I'm told I also need to do the same course, but as I'm (hopefully) deploying next year I may not fit it in. My mate did it last year and he told me the following: Obviously Phys needs to be up to speed PFA on first day and if you bif it your RTU, quite a few did. Then its all green infantry type stuff, section battle drills etc etc. He did a 'beat up' week with the ARRC RMP unit doing infantry type stuff and he said thats what saved him as it was quite intense. Good luck and let us know what happens as I need to push for this course to get staffy ;-)
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  3. Cheers Daz

    Yes, that's the info. I've gotten too and no, it was not always like that. From what I've been told, week 1 is SNCO CLM followed by a week in the field.

    But, I've still not seen a DIN even though I've been told that it should be running Sept. in to Oct. 2013.

    Cheers again.

  4. Try the Admin Clerk of the Adv Trg Sqn. They should be able to help

    02392 28 4514
  5. Sept 18th - Oct 23rd (middle two weeks of that for reserves). The next one after that is in March 2014.

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  6. Some say as difficult as senior brecon apparently.......

    If you still can not find out ring the school at Southwick Park I am sure someone will know there, they are probably more likely to know than your unit.
  7. Tried the number provided umpteen times and never an answer, no matter what time of day I try (i.e. not just on Weds or Fris). And, there's still no DIN for it!

    Cheers all.
  8. 2013din07-014
  9. I've been reliably informed that both the September and March PSCs are full. I'm not sure when the next one is!?

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  10. Ring this number to speak to the course directors 02392 28 4779.