Provost Group in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by western, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. OK So it's from an Ethnic minority paper but a nice little article all the same.

    Police beat is world's most dangerous

    Major Maria Holliday is serving with the Royal Military Police in Afghanistan

    Imagine policing a village of just 10,000 people – but having to deal with one murder a week. Then, imagine only having a dozen detectives to investigate those murders.

    To add to your problems, every time they leave the office, your men and women face the threat of being shot, bombed or stepping on landmines.

    That is the challenge facing two officers from the region who are in charge of the Royal Military Police, in Afghanistan.

    Major Maria Holliday, from Chorley, is responsible for a team of officers approaching the end of a six-month tour, during which they have had a vast range of difficult and dangerous tasks.

    Although she has a total of 77 men and women to call on, only 12 of them are detectives and they are scattered across a country that is nearly three times the size of the UK.

    The detectives belong to the Special Investigations Branch – the military's equivalent of CID – and are the responsibility of Captain Phil Neville, from Bolton.
  2. If I was to ever (highly unlikely) do another tour, I'd like it to be with those two. Two better bosses I doubt you'd find in't Corps, bein' all northern an' that, eh oop. I'll bet their troops are chuffed with that calibre of top cover as well.

    I wonder if they've introduced the joys of whippet racing and ferreting to the locals yet? I have this image in my head of Afghans in flat caps.
  3. A distinct lack of DE officers on Ops then?
  4. I don't think that there is mate, but you'd have to ask someone like Jonny for an accurate figure.
  5. Just reminded me of the old days with NI being an exclusive LE preserve
  6. PN a Capt??? Last time i spoke to him he was a WO2! Fully agree that they have a set of brass ones and arnt scared to use them. Worked quite a few times as a Lance jack with PN. Good boss flat caps and all
  7. May be true Biscuits - she rescues a dog from every tour and I am sure this will be no exception!!
  8. I'll assume you're taking the michael Western.. but just in case think you'll find plenty of DE officers there.... BPO, Ops Offr, Pl Comds? And of course in the other major theatre as well. The article just reflects that deserving LE officers get command jobs these days.
  9. Yes I was. I know both of these people and was just having a light hearted dig on their behalf.
  10. The article is about SIB which still has a large LE presence...there are many other DE Officers in mainline provost and Staff jobs.
  11. And Marie tranferred to SIB when exactly?
  12. Ok, the dangers of a short reply not good enough...Marie (rather than the 'Maria' they keep referring not Branch, but the article makes clear distinction between Branch and BPU...hence the firing off off the reply. It appears that the Lancs paper has picked up on the 'Local Boy Story'

    There is still no doubt that they are both LE !

    "The detectives belong to the Special Investigations Branch – the military's equivalent of CID – and are the responsibility of Captain Phil Neville, from Bolton. Since arriving in April, his team of detectives has had to investigate the deaths of 21 British troops, along with two Estonian soldiers."

    'Maria says: "Quite a few uniformed officers have been in contact situations. They have come under small arms fire, as well as indirect fire from mortars and rocket-propelled grenades.'
  13. Sorry mate first thing in the morning stuff. This was from their local paper as a 'support the troops' type article they both eat clogs or something. Not knocking them at all I just like to post these bits of PR when I come across them in the hope that others will appreciate.
  14. come on!

    Everyone is doing a great job on ops, from the lowley lance jack to most of the officers, they (not includoing those in article) need to forget about the mbe's etc and just get on with the job in hand and taking everyone home. P N what a guy you would go to war with him and M H both top people. It is a sausage factory to quote P N. Get the job done move on and come home.