Provost Branch AGC (RMP)

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Plant-Pilot, Sep 25, 2005.

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  1. Why do the Provost Branch AGC (RMP) still, after well over 10 years of being AGC still wear the old RMP cap badge? I can see they have a case for wearing the red beret as the red obviously is there to tell people to 'stop' traffic light stylee, and the normal AGC green beret would give the impression of meaning 'go', which is a concept they never seem to want to put across. But not wearing their own corps cap badge? What's the matter? Are they ashamed of being grouped with clerks, pay specialists and educators? Their old corps no longer exists and they are now just a branch of the AGC, someting they really should get used to in the same way that everyone else who found themselves in the AGC had to get used to when the corps was formed rather than acting like a bunch of spoilt children throwing a tantrum.

    You are AGC, wear the badge!
  2. (1) The Branch is actually AGC (PRO) which consists of RMP and MPS (who incidentally continue to wear their own cap badge - and beret - too)
    (2) Actually it isn't the "old" RMP cap badge, it's the current one - which I think is the gist of your whinge
    (3) Ashamed is perhaps not the word - but we see a need to stand apart from them too - other wise who knows who might impersonate a police officer ?

    I would suggest two things;

    (a) Live and let live

    (b) Wouldn't you want to know when you are talking to a policeman or prison warder rather than a clerk or teacher ?

    I assume your beloved corps lost its identity at some stage - the Buffs perhaps ?

    By the way - we retained the RMP shoulder titles too so you can have a whine about that as well !
  3. Well if that's the only reason, so you know you are talking to a 'policeman', that would be why I agree with retaining the red beret, and the MP flash on combats would be a give away in helmets as well, before you try that one. But not wearing the AGC cap badge? Sorry, as excuses go, it's no wonder you lot can't accept anyone's word as the truth if you lot lead the way in pathetic excuses.

    So I was right then, no real reason for it at all.

    And I'm RE, not amalgamated with anyone so no winge from this c/s on that score.
  4. So - live and let live then
  5. RMP under the AGC banner, doesn't that have something to do with administration? So what if they fought hard enough to keep a little of their identity against all the defence cuts, rather than slagging them off, we should be applauding their heirarchy for being positive towards their trade, something a lot of high rankers often lose sight of.
  6. By 'live and let live', don't you mean 'let sleeping dogs lie'? You maybe think that if you don't make a fuss nobody further up the chain will notice that as far as you lot are concerned the RMP were never amalgamated with the AGC.

    Now I would never have brought this up if it wasn't for a certain member of the AGC who swore blind that he wasn't AGC and that the RMP was still it's own corps. Like I said before, how can you expect the rest of the army to tell you the truth if you can't tell the truth yourselves.
  7. Quote 'Like I said before, how can you expect the rest of the army to tell you the truth if you can't tell the truth yourselves. ' Unquote

    Eh, have a word fella, you're spouting utter tripe in here! L/Cpl Bloggs, or even Col Numbnuts the III didn't have a say in what cap badge he wears on his ferret, so stop your dribbling, ask the nurse for your change of underpants and get a life! Oh and by the way, why don't you ask your local plod rather than stirring shit on here?
  8. As said. Local plod in a deluded world where he isn't AGC or unable to tell the truth or refusing to accept the truth. Now I knew that the Provost Branch were AGC, he didn't seem to.

    It also seems that you get quite upset when somebody mentions it..... Now it doesn' matter who gets to say who wears what cap badge, the question was why. The only answer was that it's so we can tell an MP form a clerk, which isn't much of an answer. An MP armband or patch, with a red beret and your AGC cap badge, not to mention a shinny car with lights on top seem to be real give aways. For anyone who's still not completely convinced there is always the option of asking to see your warrant card. After all, if someone wants to impersonate a policeman, I don't think a red berret and an RMP cap badge is too difficult to get hold of, completely negating the argument.
  9. So if the real question is why, why are you asking in this place? Do you think the white collar workers from Whitehall frequent this place to answer your little niggling questions?

    Sorry mate, don't fink so.
  10. Very defensive there. What's the matter, don't you want to dicuss it? Normally you complain when people don't talk..... but maybe not when you don't know the answers?
  11. beg to differ fella, but I have no affiliation to RMP, quite the opposite in fact. But it does grip my shit when folk sound off at the troops for things that happen way out of our payscale.
  12. My understanding is that RMP no longer have warrant cards?
    Your general tenor on here seems to be such that if a warrant card were produced to you, you would exercise your brain by jumping to the conclusion that it was a forgery. Why would anyone want to get hold of a red beret and RMP cap badge just to talk to you?
  13. If you look down the thread you'll see that the reason voiced for retaining the cap badge was that if they had an AGC cap badge you couldn't tell an MP from a clerk, and any clerk could impersonate a policeman.

    Is it true that MPs aren't issued warrant cards? How can I prove that someone who says they are a military policeman is what they say they are. After all, we all have ID cards to prove we are in the army and civvy coppers have warant cards to prove they are coppers. Seems all you need to say you're a monkey is a red beret and an RMP cap badge. That said I've never heard of anyone wnating to impersonate an MP, but it wasn't me who brought that up.
  14. RMP no longer have Warrant Cards? I'd best tell the lads in the office to send there's back to Upavon then! I'm sure the Provost Marshal would love to see them............. NOT!
  15. aes69 is trying to put across a perspective from a service police point of view. He isnt even a romper so steady old fruit. AND cap badges DO matter, or are you oblivious to all of the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the regiment amalgamations! I'm not a romper either, just worked with a few decent ones, few numpties too...