Provos back in business (as if they ever stopped)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BK!, Dec 23, 2004.

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  1. BK!

    BK! Old-Salt

    I see that the clever money is on the provos being behind the £20m bank job in Belfast.

    Now remind me somebody - wasn't the rationale behind ditching 4 battalions the "peace dividend" in Ulster.

    Please Mr TCH, can we have our soldiers back now?
  2. yep 20 million will buy a lot of weapons and semtex / and fill a lot of body bags :evil:
  3. IF PIRA were not involved, they will still demand their cut from the free enterprise boyos who did do it.
  4. seems a lot of it is in easily traceable New NI notes.
    going to be hard to launder those hahahahaahaah.
  5. .....And if they are caught and banged up, the Great Bleader will let them out again "In furtherance of the Peace Process". :roll:
  6. Cannot have been the Proddies - they would have ended up with money in the street and them locked in the vaults.
  7. PIRA deny it, hallmarks of nationalist paramilitary - loyalists never really good at anything apart from murder.
  8. Probably not what you want to hear MC but I think the PSNI are going to have a very hard time coming out of this not looking like they "dropped the ball".

    I'm not sure how fair that is yet but it would certainly appear to be the "man in the pub" perception at the moment, fuelled very largely by an aggresive media. I note that the ITN coverage of the return of mounted police to the Belfast streets was cut short by the female officer being interviewed when the fact that the bank in question could be seen over the riders shoulders was mentioned.

    Edit:- Any suspicion that I had that loyalists may be involved was erased by the location of the houses where the abductions took place.
  9. Thats alright then, - it couldn't have been them :D :D
  10. Fair point B_B but the officers that arrived on foot, minutes after the gang had left the scene, saw no sign of any crime having taken place. It was around two hours later before anything solid was reported.

    Back to whom;
    nationalist: have the brains and capability to do it.
    loyalist: dont have the brains do it but lack the intelligence to realise stealing £22mil in Northern Irish notes is not clever.

    Now im off to buy 2,200,000,000 penny sweets :D
  11. Personally I think it depends on what they were initially told when the "suspicious activity" was reported, it's possible that all that was said was a van is badly parked. If however there was mention of the bank being robbed .......

    Anyway, on an altother different note but same subject.
    Man in the pub named names tonight, if he's correct then there will be political repercussions.
  12. It amazes me that it took the coppers so long to get there when theres a RUC station (presuming it still open) less than half a mile away!!
  13. I am personally glad that they did not encounter the gang, as we would now have 2 dead cops for what?
  14. That's a good point is that.....