Provos at it again!

After events of the past week, words just fail me....

A bomb has been defused at a police station in County Tyrone.

Army technical officers carried out a controlled explosion on a suspicious object in Coalisland. Police later said it had been a "viable device".

It was found on Saturday just inside the fencing at the station. Its remains have been taken away for forensic examination.

Some premises were evacuated during the security alert which began following a telephone bomb warning to a newsroom.

The area is getting back to normal after being cordoned off.

Anyone who saw any suspicious activity just after midnight on Saturday is urged to contact the police at Dungannon.
Labrat, you are giving them far too much credit.

Events like London have no bearing on Dissident Republicans who have their own agenda.

Anyone who thought this problem had gone away is...well living on the moon!
Oh, I very much knew that the problem hasnt anything like gone away

(unless you are part of the UK government, in which case everything is fine and dandy and the war is over - peace and flowers all round)

Just seemed to me that after events on thursday they would have kept their heads down for a while to avoid a PR disaster, particuarly since their US funding base must be falling away day by day.

CIRA and Provos ain't the same organisation, although I'm sure there are a lot of people who have a foot in both camps.

At least the provos have finally admitted defeat (although they can't say it publicly), while the dissidents STILL have the insane belief that they can beat the crown forces (both British Army and PSNI) by military means.

All those idiots achieve is continuing to alienate the unonist population with whom they should be drawing closer. If they want a unified Ireland then THEY should be doing a hearts and minds campaign and trying to sell the benefits of a single country, not threatening bloodshed. Funny how it's always the bigots who become powerful cos they shout the loudest!
PoisonDwarf said:
CIRA and Provos ain't the same organisation, although I'm sure there are a lot of people who have a foot in both camps.
I hadn't said they were the same I was merely pointing out it was the second suspicious object in a week.

It's a tad strange there has been nothing for so long and then two devices in the one week....

G8 week?

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