Provo-loving Scum... and a member of ARRSE too!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Airfix, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you KevinB, Arrse's very own Provo-loving Noraid fund rasing Republican from Derry...

    You can follow the story here:-

    Anyone got some don 10 and a blow torch :twisted:
  2. You forgott to add doesn't even live in ireland!!!
  3. All Kev B's previous posts are PIRA / SF apologism, he's on here to wind up squaddies ....just blank the little provie pr1ck.

    p.s. Its Londonderry .....not Derry Kev
  4. FCUK! I forgot to have a go at him with that.... :wink:
  5. Airfix, I think you're making assumptions you can't actually support. You've no proof that KevinB is a PIRA supporter, but I can understand why you believe it.

    Kerroist, I once mentioned on a thread that I agreed with ONE aim of the IRA (even though I've otherwise no time for the murderous bästards) and I was immediately decried as a terrorist sympathiser. And the ONE aim that I agreed (and still agree) is for a United Ireland. It's possible to do that without supporting any more of their obscure objectives. And I really am a Mick who served in the British Army.

    So maybe you should cut him a bit more slack, eh?

  6. Sixty

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    Really? Read what he's said today.
  7. Why don't you pull your head out of your arse and actually read what he's posted on here today...
  8. You seem quite nice and at least didn't support the cnuts. For that you are no worse than a scottish nationalist to me.

    Kevin though either supported a terrorist organisation and tried to hide behind "oh its the political wing" bullshiz or is on here to perpose fully wind us up. he can go to the hell.
  9. Good point, well put, but...

    The phrase 'March the guilty fatherless in' comes to mind!
  10. Spot on shipmate.
  11. class A cnt
  12. Now Now! Bugsy raised a valid point, and I hope Kev's own words clear things up so Bugsy can get with the programme and jump on the outrage band wagon!
  13. Bugsy. SF/IRAs idea of a united Ireland consisted of turfing out the prods and Brits regardless of the locals claim to their lineage. Not exactly 'United' is it? If SF/IRA had their way, a united Ireland would be run under the rule of fear, bullying and 'do it our way or you'll end up in a sausage factory in Dundalk'. Pull your head out your arse and look at how they went about their business for 30 odd their own folk.

    As for Kevin. He is now actively condoning the actions of PIRA. Dress it up you want, he's is appearing to be a terrorist sympathiser. Agreeing with any values a terrorist has is acting on their behalf IMHO.
  14. Don't go just by what he's posted today , go through his previous posts and the pro IRA / SF theme is present in each and everyone.

    So to me that makes him a provie supporting pr1ck.
  15. Well maybe I missed it, but where has he actually said that he's a supporter of the PIRA? I mean not just what you've inferred, but his actual words?

    Many folks in Norn Iron (and in the ROI too) would like to see the British Army leave. Not that they go around blowing folks up about it, but just as a sort of wish. Much the same as many ARRSErs would like to see loads of illegal immigrants in the UK returned to their respective countries, but they don't slope around trying to slot them.

    So that's why I say that he should be allowed his opinion. You may not agree with it, but surely he's a right to express it as a Mick?