Provo IDs himself on U75

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armourer, May 11, 2005.

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  1. Dilzybhoy who posts on soapdodgers & ********* U75 has said in the UK politics forum that he is an unrepentant Provo.

    Should the Green Slime be informed ? well really I mean when shall the Green Slime be informed that a member of PIRA is posting on a Leftie website.

    What a ********.
  2. OMG we are now getting Terrorist Walts!! When will this ever end!!!
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    What a twat. :roll: Maybe we should let the UVF etc know :twisted:
  4. Armourer, i dont think he is actually a member of any active terrorist group, more of a cheerleader than anything.

    As previous poster said "A terrorist walt".

    Is ther anything worse. :roll:
  5. This dilzybhoy is no more a provo activist (terrorist) that BlondeBint is a member of the SF community. He sounds like a chav from the NI suburbs who likes to think he's part of the PIRA 'hood. His webpage has links to Sinn Fein, Republican Sinn Fein and the Irish Republican Socialist Party - admittedly they're all hardliners but they're political enemies (but use a truce for drug dealing).

    He's a Grade A nosher.
  6. He's not even Irish.

    He lives in Buckfast country, somewhere in the orbit of Glasgow, and probably discovered the "joys" of Irish Republicanism through support for the Celtic football team.

    I'd suggest our rebel books himself a one-way rail ticket and ferry crossing from Stranraer to Belfast (a snip at £19) before continuing with his tonic wine fuelled rants. He might even be trusted to hold the green paint pot of a West Belfast mural painter!
  7. Do One MVR, we've enough terrorist walts to deal with. Most of them are in Bolton mind you!!
  8. Its people like that that make me ashamed of being from north of the border. :oops:
  9. We can understand that Smithy. :)
  10. Nice one awol :wink:
  11. PIRA boy has backed down now and is giving loads of waffle and he's visited Ireland once, bless him.