Proving hardship on deployment?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by VerminWA, May 30, 2006.

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  1. Is this still the case, my PSAO seems to think it is? I'm on fairly good screw at the moment and I don't want to get to Chillwell and find out I need to be proving hardship and not just income. :eek:
  2. Nope - no need to prove hardship. Take along your P60 and work out beforehand what your annual salary is likely to be over your mobilisation. The G1 cell is very good and will factor in your TA pay as well. I never lost a penny despite earning several ranks above my army rate of pay. :D
  3. On the basis of your fantastic income, get yourself into some serious debt!

    Yes, hardship means hardship, though I think they're more flexible than they used to be, up to a ceiling. It's intended that you don't make a profit from the allowance.

    Edited to add - but my info is obsolete, judging from the previous post.
  4. Hey I said a good screw not fantastic!! :D

    Thanks for the info guys.
  5. Tell your PSAO to have a word with himself. The requirement to prove hardship has disappeared, your P60s will do nicely (as mentioned below, civvy and TA).

    You can also claim for extra costs resulting from your mobilisation so make sure you have a good paper trail for those. For instance, extra insurance for your house if it's left empty, extra childcare to cover the times you'd normally look after them so your wife doesn't have to quit work, that sort of thing. The idea is that mobilisation should be cost neutral.

    I'm very glad to hear Chilwell now try and help the reservist instead of screwing them as was the norm when I went through - nevertheless, you will never regret taking comprehensive documentation to back up your claims, prior reading of the relevant regulations and a polite yet unwavering pursuit of your own interests.
  6. When I went through last year they messed up quite a few blokes pay (including my own), and still argued the toss when we were back at the end of the tour.

    Because they had to create me at Chillwell, I ended up in Iraq on the kind of pay that you get in basic training! :( Didn't go down well with the misses! Did eventually get sorted out to a degree.

    There was another bloke (TA lad) who was paid quite well in civvy street, but Chilwell didn't sort his pay properly and he almost lost his house..

    Know they get it right 90% of the time, you just have to make sure they write everything down (and sign them!) and you get a couple of copies (one as a spare) just make sure you can prove that Chilwell said something to you. Some regular units out there have neevr had TA/Reservists attached to them and there's a lot for teh clerks to learn!
  7. Absolutely endorse OOTS's last paragraph above.

    From my own experience I woud urge those mobilised to ensure that deductions made by outside agencies (eg. CSA) are not only deducted from your army pay, butt forwarded immediately to the relevant organisation. As the Army deducted (quite correctly) monies in respect of my children, this money (according to the CSA) was not received until April 2004, despite chasing from me, my unit, the CSA themselves. The impact of this cluster post mobilisation, was to return to my civilian employers and watch as up to 85% of my salary being deducted by the CSA to recover the "arrears" - Three years on from TELIC, the CSA still haven't been able to get to the bottom of the delay in this money being paid to them.

    So, whilst acknowledging that Chillwell seem to have it right now, be warned, and don't just "trust the system"... Older by the Day is right to recommennd a good paper trail.

    My current employer is at a total loss to know why it is, that three years on from TELIC, the CSA continue to deduct amounts of up to £1250 per month (still refering to the non-payments in 2003. - I am not badly paid for what I do, but cannot comprehend what is going on when my former partner is paid more in child maintenance than I now get as nett pay. This has gone on since TELIC, and having lived off next to nothing, have seen my family very badly financially affected long after mobilisation.

    Oh, and yes, I have written to / met with various from the CSA, Inland Revenue, Army and local MP. All of whom, are very sympathetic, but unable to get the CSA to act and quickly.

    ...edited: and I'm sorry for hte mong spelling!