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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by veritas, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Just trying to help out a trader from another forum I post on, this is his dilema

    Any suggestions on how he could go about this? There have been some suggestions but are they viable?

  2. You have to provide your armynet email. He sends a verification code to it which you use when purchasing?
  3. Only way i can see is by giving your 1st 4, with dates of serving etc, then send back the 25% promo code once validated through websites (theres one where you can see what numbers where given with the correct date etc somewhere) Only way i can see online to be honest. :(
  4. Fine for the army but what about the RAF and Navy? I would suggest that the verification code should be published in the Forces discounts directory or be made available at Unit admin offices.
  5. Have your order sent to a military address including your no. rank & name ?
  6. Register your details and occupation with the BNP, trader does quick google..................job done............. :D

  7. There isn't an equivalent RAF/RN -net? Had know idea. Other retailers use your suggested method to be fair.
  8. why not just deliver to a military address? That's what Gilmour does for the RAF Corporate stuff for the sports teams etc..... Easy to do :)
  9. Which is fine for those of us with a military address. However in these days of one Army etc, what about Terries. Unless they all have it sent to their local TAC. Which brings it's own problems. not least of which would be 1: p'd off PSAOs and PSIs, and 2: National unit members not having a local TAC.
  10. I'm T.A. If I ever have to order something where I can get a forces discount, it goes to my T.A.C. or I can give my army no. over the phone and have it delivered to my home.

    As for PSI's, PSAO's. It's not really for them to get involved in.
    Speak to your friendly SQMS dept. and make arrangements in advance.

    Additionally... Try forces discounts on t'internet. You can download a certificate and have your unit stamp put on it.
  11. Simply provide a link to Youtube of you storming an Embassy or brassing a raghead up?

    Or ask the customer what a 'wah' is?

    I dont see a problem not allowing the crabs to get the discount. After all, the bloke wants to give people in the Armed Forces a discount. :D
  12. Nope, reservists and veterans can get an Armynet e-mail...perhaps a digital photograph of your armpit blood group tattoo would do instead? Oh hang on, that's a different organisation...least said, you ain't seen me...roight?
  13. Right problem solved, back to my armynet plan.

    "If you are a member of the Royal Navy or Royal Air Force, ArmyNET does not hold your details as a matter of course. Your details will have had to have been manually submitted to us by your current Chain of Command. Once your details have bean submitted please register using the form below."

    RN/RAF register on armynet here

    @Cuddles. I think he'll be happy with reservists and veterans buying stuff with a 25% reduction . Just not airsofters.
  14. Fair enough. Although those without a TAC might still struggle. Was just a thought and trying to be nice by including TA and problems they may face. Won't bother in future :p
  15. ArmyNet front page:


    2. Authorised users are serving members of the Regular and Territorial Army, Reservists and their family members and guests. Access from non British Army personnel must be as a sponsored guest of a serving soldier.

    3. Unauthorised attempts to access ArmyNET are strictly prohibited and are an offence under the Computer Misuse Act (1990).

    4. The use of departmental Communications and Information Systems (CIS) facilities is subject to monitoring. Material held on MOD CIS equipment is considered to be the property of the MOD. Any information held on any MOD system may be made accessible to the chain of command or investigators without prior recourse.

    I havent tested it but it does seem that you can be a guest of a member of the Army to have an account. Nevertheless, that would be good enough for me. At the end of the day, vendors only offer discounts to the point of cost anyway, what's he got to lose other than what he's offering? IF he starts sufferinga loss, he can withdraw the discount offer.