proudest moment of my life...

passing out of ITC catterick today

for once i've proved to my family i can acheive somethin!

off to battalion next sunday + straight onto OPTAG trg for 5 days, then iraq the following week

big thanks to all my training staff
Nice one Chris, well done!

Only five days OPTAG training? It's not usually so short is it?
Well done Chris, stay safe :)
Congratulations Chris

Never stop achieving and good fortune with you career.
Its probably the best thing you will ever do.
Well done Chris and stay safe.
Well done fella.

(And to all those 'wanna be's out there - get of your arse and give it a go!)
Good luck lad! The first 37 years are the worst, I can say that with experience with only 3 weeks to de-mob.
Good on ya, lad. Keep safe and be lucky. Keep us informed.
( adopt Marlon Brando voice from the Godfather here please! ) Welcome to the family.................Seriously, well done for passing out and achieving your goal.

Keep safe in the sandpit and rely on your training.
Be safe man, keep yer ARRSE and yer chin down and come home safe.
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