Proud to be TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Purple_Emperor, Nov 19, 2004.

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    Good to see the bravery of a TA soldier being reported. Well done to whoever in the PR dept pushed him forward to show that we arent all 'Gareths'. And well done to all those who were decorated by Her Maj this week.

    And a good comment piece on the need to actually give us some kit and 'kudos' if the govt want to use us as they are. I think he got his numbers wrong, (1200 TA on Telic? I met more TA than that in my week in the rear in Shaibah) but at least someone noticed we were there!
  2. Good on him, and the Kingos for integrating their blokes so well in Telic 2.

    Ref Telegraph's
    "Inevitably, this was accompanied by talk of "modernisation". But, with the Army increasingly overstretched, and with more cuts to the regular establishment in the offing, the time has come to increase the size and status of the TA once again."
    I fear that once again the regular army will fight to the last drop of TA blood.
  3. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Kingsman Davison spoke of his shock when he first knew of the award last April. "I was stunned when I was told I had won the Military Cross for my action. I feel very proud. I think I will have it tattooed on to my chest," he said.

    Great quote, well done, and it seems well deserved.
  4. mate of mine went on a course with him and says he is a top bloke
  5. nice one!!!
  6. Hes one of my best mates, known him for five years now, I was about 50 yds away from him when we were under contact and he made his "dash"
  7. Well done L/Cpl Davison MC.

    That Torygraph opinion piece is excellent -probably more effective than any ad campaign at raising the profile of the TA. It'll be interesting to see what letters follow...!

    People should be proud of being in the TA. It formed a massive and vital part of the "Big Army" in both World Wars and is carrying on in that tradition now.
  8. I feel rather ashamed I missed this post last year.

    Well done LCpl Davison MC
  9. I met the Officer who was shot, in a pub in London earlier this year... thankfully he's alright too. Just missed his Nadgers by a whisker!

    Incidentally, wtf does the Torygraph mean 'An amateur citizen soldiery'... Cockmonkeys!
  10. In my COY.....Already said well in and he should be proud.....

    Well in kidda.....
  11. Well done to Kingsman Davidson!
    Nothing does my head in than some of our new "Jocks" telling people when asked the old "You guys in the Army?"(When Recruiting) line "Naw we are Just TA!"

    I think we can put that old chestnut to bed!

    Its grand to see and hear other Toms/Jocks that a proud to serve as I am.
  12. Type of fcukin questions that anyway when your in 95's with headress, stable belt and shiny boots eh? :lol:
  13. never bet on the shear stupidity on the uk public
    scene cyprus backdrop, union jack regimental flag bods standing around in dpms with Sa 80
    tourist tries asking directions in toursit greek gets response of half an hour of squaddie level stavros impersenation after gettng tired of joke tells tourist where they needed to go (properly)
    response I did'nt now they english people join the greek army.