Proud to be English?

I know i'm getting old but i was Listening to folk show on Radio 2 tonight; Mike Harding was interviewing the lead singer of Show of Hands, specifically talking about their track Roots.

Essentially, and well timed, it's a celebration of Englishness and being proud to be English within a wider British context.

Personally think it's bloomin good.

Sadly, far right organisations have already tried to hijack it - much to the disappointemnt and severe disapproval of the band - but here it is!

Roots - By show of hands
Oh, and here are the:


My favourite verse:

"And the minister said his vision of hell is 3 folk singers in a pub near Wells.
Well I've got a vision of urban sprawl.
It's pubs where no one ever sings at all.
And everyone stares at a great big screen,
Overpaid soccer stars, prancing teens,
Australian soap, American rap, Estuary English, baseball caps.
And we learn to be ashamed before we walk,
Of the way we look and the way we talk.
Without our stories, or our songs,
How will we know where we come from?
I've lost St George in the Union Jack,
It's my flag too and I want it back!"
Don't get me started....

this sort of thing makes my blood boil and makes me sound like some arse from the BNP. I'm not of course, I'm just proud to be English.

the hairy lead singer made an excellent point when he stated that more English people know the words to flower of Scotland than any English anthems!
I'm proud to be English too. I'd like to reclaim this land of ours for the majority of decent people who live here. Those decent people include Sikhs, Jews, Muslims, and any followers of whatever faith you might mention. To me, faith isn't the issue; the core values of Englishness are. You know, decency, honesty, self-deprecation etc...

(And, I must add, these values are shared by our Celtic cousins.)

Our real enemies are those who seek to encourage the feeling of self-loathing that we read about in the chattering classes columns of our newspapers. For example my forefathers didn't profit one bit from the slave trade, yet I or my representatives are being asked to apologise for it.

On the contrary, they worked in mines and woollen mills from the age of thirteen. (Aye lad, tell 'em about the gravel pit and the shoe box.)

And yet my family has made it to where it is today. Solvent and still serving. This is still a great country.

(Apart from myself, who is planning to leave for Australia on the next boat.)
Lucky_Jim said:
For example my forefathers didn't profit one bit from the slave trade, yet I or my representatives are being asked to apologise for it.
Agreed, utter bowlacks!
My forfathers didn't profit from the Slave Trade either.... thanks to the likes of Wilberforce...... bloody do-gooders eh?

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