Proud to be British

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Taffnp, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. So much for the much acclaimed wonder that was to be the new BA terminal 5. What a cluster. Common sense would dictate that a full rehearsal was required with a debrief on problem areas. The CEO has not offered to resign, but has apologised, so that's ok then.

    Was it not BA who had involvement in the London eye which was another fiasco.

    The Millenium bridge and the so called river of flames, the celebration for the dawn of the millenium was more of a damp squib.

    Surely we must be able to portray ourselves to the rest of the world as something better than a third world country.
  2. Well I'm still proud to be British.

    I don't think anyone thinks of Britain as a third world country. We just need to have a major change of Government and get out of the EU and we'll be well on the way.

    Chin up!
  3. It was on the news a few weeks back that they had a run through with people pretending to be passengers and also with loads of luggage which apparently prooved that the system worked. However that obviously didn't test it well enough.

    Still proud to be British although you do make a point about the dome, the 'wobbly' bridge and so on.