Proud to be British? No.. not with this behaviour

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Violetjoker, Nov 28, 2011.

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  1. My Tram Experience - YouTube

    Just thought I would post a short that is doing the rounds..
    I have to admit disgusted that the woman involved had the audacity to speak like it, let alone with a toddler on her lap.. Is this the Britain you stand or stood for?
    Guess I shall now get the hounding most do but **** it.. She is a disgrace.. Wound up and in a shit mood or not, this is not what I deem acceptable..

    Yer thoughts?....
  2. Meh, I hear worse on a day to day basis at work.
  3. That if I trawled YouTube for long enough I could probably find something that annoyed me too?
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  4. This is all over the net tonight. she has been arrested for racial hatred so you can put the keys to the bus back.

    Best Tweet?

    "Daily Mail left angry after their editorial agenda is reduced to the guttural slurrings of a South London moron" - Newsthump
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  5. She's a pissed up chav with a huge chip on her shoulder.
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  6. I thought it was a child on her lap!
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  7. Ah well I guess that it takes a wee bit longer to filter down here in the South West.. I just recieved in off one of the Boys I was in with..
    I also guess one of the benefits of living in cornwall is the hatred don't filter down so bad...
    I found it sad to speak in front of her sprog like that..and well chuffed she is being done for it..
  8. If this outrages you, don't get on a bus with a load of schoolkids. You'll hear just as bad. And don't go down a pub and earwig the lot in the corner either. And especially never go on an expat site from Spain or France (and others for all I know) as the racist, bad-mouthing Brits seem to do nothing but decry the UK now that the "Immos" are flocking in and claiming every benefit they can get.
  9. I would.
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  10. Indeed it forms the core of pretty much every thread in CA.
  11. to be fair though you don't get too many of those "darkie fella's" living down their either, they've all been scoffed by the locals taking a break between massive bouts of incest.
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  12. A mouth that dirty would be ******* awesome in bed.
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  13. I am proud to be British and have and always will be. The actions of a few numties will not dent that pride. Britain has a lot to be proud of and the actions of a few **** wits cannot change that. Every country has mongaloidal elements that will try to **** things up and there will always be numpties that say they aren't proud to be British because of the mongaloids.
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  14. I've heard a lot worse. The only difference between her and a lot of others is that they keep their gobs shut. Fair play to the African lady telling her to have some respect, she probably should get a job first though.

    Now if this was the NAAFI bar, I have a good way of keeping that woman's gob out of action for a bit!
  15. She has me hot under the collar, i want to see what the dirty bitch thinks about the Jewish.

    This could be love.
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