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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Sappers_Dad, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. Mrs SD and I are off to ATR Lichfield tomorrow to see our eldest sons passing out parade. Very much looking forward to the occasion. Any words of advice at all? Obviously taking vast supplies of kleenex for Mrs SD anfd sundry aunts / cousins
  2. Grab a kleenex for yourself too. it's a rare Dad that can watch his son pass off the square without a little tear forming in the eye. Make sure the old digital camera has plenty of space left on it's disk, that the battery is fully charged and that you have a back-up camera available. Ditto any video recording equipment you wish to use.

    Dress smartly so your son will see you've made the effort too, it's the biggest day of his life so far. And think about maybe getting them a couple of little presents each to commemorate the occasioin. Something that he can put on the mantlepiece and treasure and a bottle of their favouite spirit each. Something like a little silver mug with the RE cipher on it or somesuch would fill the former category perfectly. Apart from that, enjoy yourself and don't get too pissed until your son's can join in with you!
  3. SO.
  4. Cheers Wessex_Warrior some excellent suggestions Thanks
  5. glad to be of service. welcome to the site.
  6. Enjoy the occasion.

    Oh and if its anything like ATR Pirbright, be prepared for shocking food :D
    My parents were shocked at the state of the scoff at my pass out parade. Well they were both ex-RAF, but still it was bad.
  7. make sure you take the pretty aunts - oh, and enjoy it - your son has just joined the finest profession in the world. Be proud of him. And good luck to him - I hope he gets tons of experience and enjoys every minute of it - I did!
  8. Enjoy the day !! Its my son's parade in Nov at ATR Pirbright. I think he has already had the deduction from his wages to cover our food (and that of his other guests) Pie and chips I expect !!

    I for one will need the tissues (31 years since my parade) I'm very proud of the lad.
  9. Congratulations to him.
  10. yeah, ditto
  11. Yeah, well done that young man.
  12. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes. The day was fantastic from start to finish.

    All the displays were good but not a patch on the march on and off the square. There hardly a foot put wrong from what I could see, although I'm sure the drill Sgt wouldn't agree! We were immensely proud of him. It's been his dream since age 9 years.

    The food was a bit ropey, but I've had worse

    Any advice on the intensity of Phase 2 alpha?
  13. Nice to hear - hope you took loads of pics.
  14. Enjoy your day too. It took me by surprise how strong the emotions were seeing him march onto the square. Get your son to let you know in advance where in the ranks he's positioned - saves time looking for him when they're all the same size / shape. We knew and were able to watch his every move.

    BTW - you're right one of the food options was pie & chips, although so was Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puds!!!!! :D
  15. Good idea - by the way - did your lad have to pack up and leave on the day of the parade ?? I'm wondering about space in the car.

    I bet you will remember his parade for a long time.