Proud or just big timers? - Dodgy head dress

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by black-death, Apr 3, 2004.

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  1. :D Can anybody shed any light, as to why members of so called special units are wearing the colourful berets when posted to the school, even when they have been posted from these units for some time and arrive at the school from a “normal “ unit. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.
  2. Hmm I know a few ex 264/216 guys at the school and they wear the standard beret. There may be a few others who still feel the need to be "seperate" but unless their SSM grips em then nothing changes.

    Talking on berets there is a severe lack of standards across the rank structure. You would think they buy them at bloody TopShop as some fashion accessory. Seeing a jimmy over the left ear rather than the left eye is awful. Too many legionaire wannabes. I suspect though it comes from seeing the SF guys wearing their funny flat cap/beret assortment while on short courses.

    Too many seniors trying to be "in" rather than setting a standard. Berets may seem trivial to some but its the tip of the iceberg on poor discipline for others...
  3. Its mainly to introduce the phase 2 trainees to the other units, and hopefully spark some interest in them. Its quite a good idea really, alot of them wont know that 264 etc exist, and they'll ask questions.
  4. Anyone know the reason why we don't run 3 Cdo Bde's Signal Squadron?
  5. I think it is a good idea for anyone posted to, or attached to, a training unit to wear any berret for which they are qualified. It certainly advertises the diversity and opportunity on offer. However, I do echo the sentiments of earlier posts that some of them are taking the p*ss with the shaping of their titfers. Blandford is a phase 2 training establishment and old hands must display a good example for the sake of setting early discipline and standards. I do find it is the chicken stranglers from Hereford that are the worst culprits... guys your hat stands out a mile as it is, lots of respect for what you had to do to earn it and the role you do, but wearing your berret like a flat cap with jimmy horizontal on the top looks appalling and most of us crap hats think you look like choppers.
  6. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    can you think of any reason why we should???
  7. Green berrets lot sexier than the maroon ones.
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  8. You mean MPGS berets?.... :twisted:
  9. I'm sure the AGC will agree with you, but i know who'd i'd back in a fight :)
  10. and the WRAC.???
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    i'd back the WRAC in a fight
  12. I still have the scar from "pops and eddies" circa 1975 thanks to 29 coyWRAC!!! :lol:

    I never knew you shouldn't talk to a girl that had already been "taken under observation by them!! :lol:

    was scared to go out for 4 months after that!! :oops:
  13. Pops & Eddies!! 29 Coy!


    I was never taken under observation - just too scared to go to the showers without my baseball bat.
  14. While I understand the need to promote such units as 264 and 216 I think that only currently serving soldiers with these units should wear the head dress in question. How does it promote 264 if a fat knacker who served with them 15 years ago is cutting around blandford with his shiny beret on eating pies. Being a crap hat I think its some achievement to earn the right to wear these berets, however the sprogs in Blandford should also be aware that just cos you have served with one of these units doesnt make you a good bloke. You get wa***rs in every walk of life, even ones that can run fast and jump out of planes.

    Bo Ya Master Chief.
  15. If it is important to expose phase 2 recruits and transferees to the breadth of employment opportunities, SF support etc, then this should be an EO supported at Directorate / SOinC level and included in Course Training Plans?

    If the individual is in receipt of Spec Qual or support Staff pay they are entitled to wear the hat. If not, perhaps that they continue to wear to wear such head dress might be regarded by some, as a sign of their own insecurity?

    To my mind, it does not contribute when specialist units have to deal with legitimate enquiries about people walking round a distant camp wearing an exotic hat. They normally have better things to be geting on with.

    Whilst it might not matter that you get recognised by other Toms in Blandford, or the chix in the G Spot, it does matter when you subsequently get pinged on Ops.

    I would have retired years ago if I had £5 for every time I have sat in a distant cookhouse, air head, NAAFI queue or bar and heard some stupid punter say, "look that guy's from hereford, there must be an Op on!"

    If you know you are good at what you do, do you really need to advertise??