Proud dad

Just thought I would let people know that I got informed the other day by my youngest son that he has a Mentioned in Dispatches, for action in Afghanistan whilst serving with 42 Cdo RM.

Therefore making me a very proud dad. :D :clap: :salut:
and rightly so mate.

sapper1743 said:
.....Congratulations to the Son and very proud Father.....give 'us a shout when he comes home and we will ALL come for a beer!
He's been home for some time, actually seeing him tonight, HIC

I will pass on the congratulations.

please pass on my congratulations to your son.
welldonethengas said:
it must be in the genes!
if it gets out of them he may get arrested for indecency :oops: :wink: :oops: :wink:

top man.

Well done that man!

Slightly off thread this so sorry for straying but is there anyway of checking on someone who claims to have a MiD? A list of some sort?
Not a wah mate, was hoping for a link.

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