thecoops said:
I've got one ofthese and i find very good especially the roamers
Aren't the numbers on the wrong way round?

What I mean is, shouldnt the top right corner be 0 point numbers increasing to W and S?

Look at your Silva Compass. You put the top right edge 0 point on the object, and read off the scale where they meet the blue eastings and northings.

That roamer just divides up the square into smaller squares. It works, but not as well as the silva method.

Does the outer scale have mils and degrees on it?
A ? the 0 is in the right place on the bottom left corner and go,s to 3200mils. The inside go's from L 3200 to R 6400 mil's. The thing with the square protractor it fits in your pocket better
It matters not, just wap it on from the top right instead of bottom left and read off t'easting 'n t'northing one higher. Mk1 Susat stylee, if you like.
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