Prototype assembly

I need some electronic jiggery-pokery assembling, to a rather crude caffeine fuelled series of doodles I made last night.

Now whilst I may be a bit special around code, I am definitely special needs around hardware.

Does anyone know the sort of organisation or individual that can assemble hardware gubbins on a PCB , (all COTS) without charging me a ransom for 'prototyping"? Someone I can talk to , that will tell me the part numbers for everything I need, and any bits I missed.

Would prefer someone with egg on their tie and a sallow complexion etc. What should I be looking under in the Yellow pages?
What unit you in, and where ??. Appreciate may unmask you but you could PM me. Reason for info, find nearest TA sigs unit and ask a tech to do it. PSI techs should be able to operate a screwdrive if they have the instruction manual and most TA techs should be able to guide you on the best option.
Good point Bobos , I know a couple of Siggy blokes, I shall show them me coffee stained musings.

Ta muchly

If you want to try doing some comp sim on the prototype you can download fee CAD, "SwitcherCAD". Its mainly disgined for AC network analysis, but you can force it to do DC if required (a very low freq Square AC input). If you want I'll have a look over the design see if I can see any errors.

(Electronic Engineering undergrad)

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