Protocol question for wedding.

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Certa_Cito, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    can somebody give me some advice with the following question please ? At a wedding, when is the correct time to give the Bridesmaid and the Best Man their present for all the help they´ve provided?

    Cheers for any help and yes, I´ll take unusual answers or suggestions as well :D
  2. After the speeches have been done, I suspect.
  3. Post the question on and you will probably get the works from when to proposition the MiL (before or after the wedding) to how long you should wait before getting a divorce.
  4. Serious mode: by all means thank them publicly, but presents are a more personal matter and should be given in private before you leave the reception.
  5. As things these days are becoming much less formal I suspect the best thing is to pick a time in the proceedings that seems right for you rather than slavishly follow some formal process. For example some may wish to do the deed out of the public eye where as some may wish to make their gifts in public, your call in my opinion.
  6. Cheers for the advice guys, much appreciated :)
  7. Flowers tend to be given publicly so everyone can oooh and aaaah etc. Anything more personal which you have purchased as gifts should be given privately and can be at any time. Personally I would wait until after the Best Man has done his speech just in case you want to rethink the "giving him a present" thing!
  8. My bold.

    PMSL. Good point, seeing as he´s an ex squaddie who has known the Groom (also ex Forces) for donkeys years :D Wonder if the civvies will be up for the speech ? :wink:
  9. Send all under-18s and maiden aunts out of the room beforehand, just in case! :D
  10. and the new wife!!
  11. Especially in the bridesmaids case. Her "present" should be delivered outside of the reception venue, I usually look for a quiet spot out by the bins.
  12. The bridesmaids hubby is ex Bundeswehr Mech Inf and is so fücking big it´s a wonder they ever got him into an APC ! Wanna rethink your last Sandman ?? :lol:
  13. Surely you can think of something to keep him out of the way for a couple of minutes.
  14. My bold

    Now now Maxi. Not taking a swipe at Sandman´s sexual prowess are you ? :D Shame on you :twisted:
  15. Who me?