Protests stop Rices mosque visit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Mar 30, 2006.

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  2. safety? ... Hmmm ... was it because she was black?
  3. Last time I looked she is still black :D Now why do you jump on that bandwagon? Unless that a wah or its slipped that she's American and a vital part of Bush's admin, and the Muslims may just have a slight difference of opinion with them lately....
  4. I think thats rather unfair on Condi myself, but if the police could not assure the safety of Blackburn residents from Rice and her security apparatus then, really who are we to complain? After all the americans seem to be having real problems with Mosques lately 8O
  5. Nice of Doctor Rice to take time out from her busy schedule of facilitating the killing of innocent Iraqi men, women and children to pay a visit to our humble shores.

    I am currently watching a press conference on News 24 and will paraphrase one of the exchanges:

    Question from the press: Isn't it time that the US closed Guantanamo bay?

    Doctor Rice: I am enjoying my visit to Blackburn and the welcome has been very warm indeed
  6. True. If only she'd see sense and restore the benevolent guidance of the previous administration where all was peace and happiness. If that's not your cup of tea, then maybe we should pull out of Iraq immediately as it is obvious to all that it would quickly transform itself into a paradise on earth where the various groups trying to spark civil war would certain not indugle in even greater acts of killing and murder. Why does no one else realise that Dr Rice feeds on the blood of iraqi babies - that's what she does when not in Blackburn.

    D'oh! Just thought that maybe frenchperson is a living, breathing wah and I've been wah'd.
  7. If only the 'peace and happiness' of Saddam hadn't been interrupted by Chemical Donald, bristling with nasty warheads in the early 90s - was it a buy one get one free? I think Saddam went on to prove he could even emulate America - with or without their help.

    D'oh, live on News 24 - it appears even the people of Blackburn wouldn't indulge in the tripe you're serving up (above). Condoleeza Rice has just left the town hall to a crescendo of boos, the like of which I've never seen for a visiting 'dignitary' - watch the news tonight (let's hope the BBC sees fit to broadcast this to a much larger audience - hopefully the reporter won't talk over it and destroy the impact).

    If only George Bush had seen sense and listened to the doom mongers who warned about a second Viet Nam. Remember that?