Protestors Turn on Putin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Apr 15, 2007.

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  1. Something happened on the way to his coronation as Tsar. The people seem to object. Democracy meets stalinism.


  2. I'd disagree and say it's more Pinochet than Stalin. A minor point that the person at the end of the billy-club or choke-hold can't be bothered with at the moment.
  3. What has happened really?;_ylt=AvIQaBW5RLMVBL__s.v1Qfdw24cA

    On this map you can see Pushkin square (the place of the detention) - it is in the Upper-Left corner of the map (there are 3 red M's here). Turgenev Square (allowed place for the demostration) is in the Upper-Middle part of the map (there are 2 red and one grey M's here). Both squares are approximately on the same distance for the Kremlin (triangle in the bottom).

    Who are the 'protesters'? Look at them


    On the left you can see Eduard Limonov - a leader of National Bolshevik party. Flags of the party you can see below. They remain Fascist flags - red with sickle and hammer instead of swastika.

    In the centre you can see mr.Kasparov - a former chess champion. He left Chess two years ago and as Bobby Fischer doesn't know what to do in this life.

    To the right from Kasparov you can see mr.Kasyanov - a former Putin's PM, a well-known thief.

  4. What confuses me is we have burrosksvy, boris the badger,abromovich and the ceo of ici meeting up. Could the the discontent be spreading to the uk?
    Putin blames burrosksvy for the death of lipvenyenko and vice-verse ,is there a conspiracy amongst the exciles in the uk to depose putin or is it all just rumours?
  5. So called 'revolutioners' as impotents - want but unable.
  6. [/quote]

    Where are they I was looking for a chopper bike havent rode one for 30 years.
  7. I think it was Newsnight the other evening said that Putins intelligence service was buying up Russias major industries, forcing out, arresting or killing the original owners
  8. Well original owners is a bit deceitful! I prefer the term spineless ,gutless ******* who purchased said industries cheap under Yeltsin and screwed both the workers and the public while making vast fortunes. Putin a wolf in sheep's clothing and a dangerous man.