Protestors believe Morocco faces a tsunami for its decadence

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stoatman, Jan 31, 2005.

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    Aah, the age of scientific enlightnment does not seem to have reached our friends in North Africa!
  2. :x Is that how they explain the earthquakes in Iran a couple of years ago that killed in excess of 20,000 people? Was that in divine retribution as well?
  3. So, according to these members of The Religion Which Must Not Be Offended, decadent behaviour will result in Divine punishment in the form of freak weather or geological disturbances.

    Stand by, then, for a snowfall over the Royal palaces in Saudi Arabia; an earthquake in Brussels, chez Mandelson, and of course a previously unknown volcano erupting under Neverland.

    On a serious note, it really is incredible that people can still believe such arrant nonsense in thisday and age. Presumably donning one's aluminium tea-cosy stylee hat is the answer...
  4. Ah, to be a fundamentalist, and only believe what you want to hear.

    I suppose if that volcano in the Canaries slid in to the Atlantic and swamped the Eastern Seaboard, then they would be delighted. Geology is obviously some kind of myth they taught me at school.
  5. True. Another example of how Muhammod was the false Prophet - Jesus warned us of the false prophet who would destroy the earth with his followers.

    Bible interpretation my own view. :twisted: