Protestor of the week

I do not understand why nobody tells her to get the feck off.
Mi old Mate Sergey, NKVD Resident to use his board name would know 'Folk' who would know how to deal with such a person, sex undetermined.



Would have loved it if he/she/it lost their grip and cracked their head off the ground. Who knows,might knock some sense into he/she/it!

Should be sent to the continent to see the war graves and learn where and at what cost he/she/its freedom to protest was won. needs to learn some fcuking respect.
ok lets settle this...BOY OR GIRL!
Long hair slim legs, girl
Long hair skinny jeans, dirty student

looks like a lad to me, one who needs a wash and possibly a job.

...or is the Jury still out lol


I kinda want to say girl...but I fear it may just be a posh spazzy woussey poncey orlando bloom lookalikey
what a shame we live in nation that thinks so much of personal & human rights

try doing that in the peoples democratic republic of shuthtefuckupastain and you'd at the very least get a nice crack round the head with a baton


I'm looking at the feet... are they mansize? Mind you I don't really know what the average size for women is either... all I know is my own are freakishly small and some chinese lassies would kill for my wee plates of meat.
dunno i'm a size 13 so mostly have to wear the boxs others don't want
burn the freak- wheres my pitchfork
awesome , now do we hun small footed freaks or smelly useless students

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