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For those who haven't seen the pictures. This c*nt gets up in the middle of a service in Westminster, and completely unchallenged, is allowed to start gobbing off and being quite aggressive towards the Queen and the PM who were only yards away! After being challenged by security, they do no more than to ask him politely to leave while he continues to make threats! I am utterly astonished that no robust security was in place during an event attended by the Queen and senior members of the Government.
The fact that this guy was allowed to approach the Queen and start performing like some circus monkey is f*cking disgraceful. Why he doesn't have a chest full of f*cking lead is a mystery to me. It seems to me that we have officially handed in our bollo0cks. :thumbdown:
Apparently he was in invited guest and had already passed through security.
Still a cnut though in the 'very-large-chip-on-my-shoulder' mould.


Had you watched it on the news as I just have, you would get a better picture. He was allowed to approach the Queen unchallenged, and, instead of being bundled out of Westminster by the scruff of his neck, Security asked him nicely to leave, at which point, he simply f*cked them off and continued his protest. He left when he felt like leaving.
His choice of attire amused me: leopard skin. I hope the Animal Liberation Front hunt him down, before bitch whipping his ass... and then apologising profusely.

Witch doctors in the Abbey for goodness sake? They'll be having some darkie as Archbishop of Canterbury next! What has the world come to?

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How about "instant appraisal of situation and level of threat" by the minders who would undoubtedly have been there? And fairly appropriate action to follow.

Anyone seriously think the lead should have been flying? de Menezes-style?

It was handled in a very effective, rather British way. The man made his point, no-one came to harm, and general dignity was maintained.


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Made me proud to be British in all honesty. Had he made any aggressive moves, gone for a weapon etc I'm fairly sure he would have been slotted without hesitation.

As it was, he was asked to leave. Politely and calmly by those who grabbed him. Good drills by the 'ushers'

Edit: To elaborate, the actions of those who confronted him made me proud, not the protester himself.


If it had been the US president attending such a function and some nutter tried that on I suspect the U.S.S.S would not have taken to kindly to it...........i.e. shot the bugger.
Just another no-name trying to make a name for himself. 15 minutes of fame and oblivion.
All this stuff about "we're sorry" shiite about slavery etc is doing my head in, however it's all covered on another thread. What would be good to hear is Phil the Greeks feelings on it all, as today watching him in the news he looked a bit cringey (is that a word) almost ready for his normal un PC but bang on quips !
Rapierman said:
All this stuff about "we're sorry" shiite about slavery etc is doing my head in, however it's all covered on another thread. What would be good to hear is Phil the Greeks feelings on it all, as today watching him in the news he looked a bit cringey (is that a word) almost ready for his normal un PC but bang on quips !

Same thought crossed my mind as HRH was walking past the monuments, looking at and obviously commenting on them to HM. The Abbey's no place for his pithiest quips, but a microphone hidden at the lunch table might have yielded a revelation.
I don't think Phil's quips are "pithy" so much as "you seen our lass, queen ,yeah so i will say what i like!" It was a sham though, now I know that she is getting stick now over the Falklands but could you really see Maggie or Churchill bowing down and looking embarrased when being hailed at...................Nah they would have probably shot them themselves! And can I just pose the question to anyone who knows???? Who were those God fearing security staff protecting our sovereign and prime minister? was legoland windsor shut for the day and slots needed to be filled?


Am I not right in thinking that wardens/ushers have powers of arrest on church property? I'm sure they do...
"Under the Ecclesiastical Courts Jurisdiction Act 1860, riotous, violent, or indecent behaviour in any church, churchyard or burial ground is an offence punishable by fine or imprisonment; so also is the disturbance of a duly authorised preacher, or of any clergyman celebrating any sacrament or divine service. Any person offending under this Act may be arrested by any constable or churchwarden of the parish or place" [my emphasis]

See :

How do we know he wasn't arrested? He was reported earlier tonight as being in police cells.

It's more interesting to ask what will become of him. His day in court, and then in prison, to be a martyr for his cause? Isn't that like giving the man a megaphone? But what do we do?
Speedy said:
Apparently he was in invited guest and had already passed through security.
Still a cnut though in the 'very-large-chip-on-my-shoulder' mould.
BBC reckons he represents an "African British equality authority" called Ligali. I thoroughly recommend a look at their web site and, in particular, their list of Racially Insensitive Offenders.

The list features David Blunkett on the same page as the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The entry for the apparently racist Oxford English Dictionary is a gem of aggressive political correctness: -

Despite numerous requests, the term African British is still excluded, whilst African American , bling bling, and bad ass are all present in current editions of the dictionary.
Perhaps if the world's scruffiest Archbishop had spent 30 seconds finding out about this organisation, he'd have thought twice before giving them tickets to sit near the Queen and half the cabinet.

Loved the end of the service by the way. The blowing of elephant tusk horns and the beating of African drums is just what a CofE church service needs. I'm surprised Cherie didn't get up and start dancing. Hope the elephant horns weren't made of real ivory though. Wouldn't that be illegal?
No where in all this Apology business have I heard one person demand Apologies or Compensation from the decendants of the African rulers who sold their fellow Africans into slavery.
And Shirley back in the Age when slavery was an acceptable system it was The Brits who passed the laws to start the abolition of this trade.
If New Amsterdam was still so named then No Yankee Civil War and the Boars would still run sarf africa.
Some ex-slave (ie has never been one, but his great, great, great granddas was, decided to add his own bit to the service about slavery yesterday.

The times article here

Choosing his moment with care, Toyin Agbetu pricked the calm order and self-serving gloss of a service at Westminster Abbey yesterday to commemorate the bicentenary of Britain’s abolition of the slave trade.

In full view of television cameras and only 10ft from the Queen, Mr Agbetu sprang from his seat in the north transept and took centre stage in front of the altar, shouting to a packed congregation, many of them the descendants of slaves, that they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

A well-known and articulate campaigner on behalf of British Africans, Mr Agbetu, 39, sat through three quarters of the service without a murmur. But, in what appeared to be a moment of exasperation as the proceedings moved to confession and absolution, he had his say.

Agu Irukwu, senior pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, was at the lectern finishing a brief address on how 12 million people world-wide were still in slavery when Mr Agbetu shouted to the congregation at large: “You should be ashamed. We should not be here. You are standing there disrespecting your ancestors. This is an insult to us. I want all the Christians who are Africans to walk out.” No one moved.
Which ancestors was he on about? The Black ones who were slaves, or the White ones who were merely business men? :p

The otherday I heard some Bishop or something say something or other (a soundbite I am sure) he described himself as a Black Carabean, but emphasised with his Black African brothers as a former slave himself. Africa, Carabean now in Britain.... The Trade Triangle is almost complete.

While I find this part of our history distasteful, this is getting silly. Protestors walking through London chained up... FFS. Not one mention of the other forms of Slavery that were going on at the time.

You don't here many Austrailians whinging about their plight, nor many Americans who were sent there in Penal Slavery. Haven't we got better things to focus on than what happened 200 years ago?
I heard this chap talking on Radio 4 after he was arrested (and funny enough he was getting more agitated as they slapped some handcuffs on).

I felt some tiny bit of sorrow for this useless fecker.

I realised the tears were from the onions I was cutting and then laughed at this pointless waste of breath.

FFS someone give me his address and I will gladly go down to our bank draw the money out and feck him off to his forebearers land.

Waste of fecking time!


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My concern is what exactly are we supposed to do about it? We can't turn back the clock. I have never owned a slave and the idea sickens me to the core. Having some idea about my own ancestry I doubt very much that any of them owned slaves either though I don't discount some kind of involvment. Also with ebb and flow of the gene pool it can't be discounted that just maybe one of my own acestors was a slave. I doubt it but its not unknown.

You get the impression that Britain is being singled out here and I know why. Its the anniversary of the abolition law passed in Britain regarding slavery but even when it was legal Britain wasn't alone. We just seem to be in a semi permanent state of self loathing and flagelation at the moment. Hopefully its a fad and it will wear off in time.

I also notice that no black people are mentioned which is ironic because black Africans were instrumental in the slave triangle and I am not talking about the slaves here I am talking about black people profiting from it. No mention of that then.

I am starting to think that I am being targeted because I am white. Okay fair enough, so long as I know that then I can deal with it but I have to go back to my original question. What exactly am I expected to do about it?
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BUT this is "nu liebur britain" where every bandwagon is fully loaded and the only part of british manufacturing thats doing well under this goverment!!!!

OI, Italy.....'bout these Roman blokes............... :thumleft:

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