Protest Outside Guildford Careers Office

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jack-daniels, Jul 30, 2008.

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  1. Just had a call from a mate and he said there are loads of old blokes outside the careers office in Guildford with plaquards stating 'justice and equality for forces veterans'.
    Any ideas what this could be about, he said they were all in their 50's and older so I thought it may have had something to do with pensions. Can't find anything on the news.
  2. Just guessing but it could be that lot who left pre mid '70's who did do the full 22 and not get a deferred pension.

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  3. Why are they outside an ACIO though??
  4. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Waiting for the nice man inside to bring out a pot of tea.
  5. They should bring 'em in and get them to tell war stories to the young pot' recruits. I can see it now......

    "ah, young man, did I tell you about my brief stint in Burma?"
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    That'll be me then :(
  7. Perhaps to dissuade potential recruits, make them think twice. If they perceive themselves to be affecting recruitment (even if it's just a single ACIO) it might be more leverage to aid dealing (or even just draw more awareness) with their own dilemma if it's pension related or whatever.

    Potential recruit gets talking to them, loads of vets giving their version of service, might think "Er, hang on a minute".
  8. Can I ask a question without being accused of scoring a political point - was it a Labour or Conservative government who refused qualified servicemen a pension?
  9. Wasn't these chaps was it?

    George Kaye (SAS) is particularly impressive. Had a chat with him last week.
  10. Not George by all accounts, he's campaigning for todays troops.
  11. That would be my guess too. Armed Forces Pension Group
  12. Depends on when exactly when the decision was taken and what you mean by 'mid' seventies. Edward Heath, a Conservative, was Prime Minister from 1970 until mid-1974 and was replaced by James Callaghan as Prime Minister for the following Labour government.
  13. IIRC prior to the cut off date, no one got a pension who did not do the full 22. When it changed that had to have a starting date otherwise all the nat service and hostilities only war vets would have beenin the frame as well. Not saying its right or wrong but only the thickies did not know the score when they signed on.
  14. Apparently some were given no choice whether to complete their 22 or not, like manning control more recently, and were discharged through no fault of their own. There was some poor guy whose aircraft type became obsolete late in his 22 years and who could easily have been re-employed for the short period remaining, but was out on his ear with no pension.

    It has been alleged that once the change was on the way in 1974-75 there was a deliberate campaign by the MOD to clear the decks and get rid of some who were close to qualifying for their pension.
  15. Story here about an RAF Sgt who served from 1959 to 1975 and was discharged, against his will, just 49 days from the 22 year point at which he would have qualified for a preserved pension: RAF serviceman denied a pension

    more info: Armed Forces Pension Group (AFPG)