Protest in London

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_boy_syrup, Jan 20, 2007.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    BBC 5 Live has just stated
    100 Servicemen(ex?) are protesting in trafalger Square about medical conditions in the forces
    I can't find any links
    Any idea whats going on?

    Good luck to em
  2. Perhaps they have read Cuddles post on Civil disobedience and are taking it a bit to literally
  3. Is this a coup, brilliant, who's got the armory codes, I call dibs on a gimpy.
  4. As much as i support the boys doing this. Do any of us think that 100 bods matter to the government? they would'nt listen to 500,00 who opposed the war in Iraq.
  5. Or the 450,00 civvies who are protesting (politely) about the method of road taxation. They don't give a sh1t

  6. Exactly, so it's a pointless exercise.
  7. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Good luck to the lads and lasses ( did ARRSE know about it in advance? )

    I take my hat off to them....but equally to the medics struggling to make the system work too. Thanks people.

    I'll watch Sunday papers with interest ( if I can find anything beyond the cretinous Goody Vs Bollywood princess futility that is)

    Lee Shaver
  8. Nothing on bbc london news on their website
  9. Unfortunately, this government(or any other)only takes heed of violent protest.

    Civil disobediance against the Poll Tax was largely ignored. One fcuk-off big riot, a few injured police officers, and the PT was dropped faster than Jordan's knickers.

    You may think that I am advocating the shooting of senior political figures. But I could not possibly comment...
  10. This is really rather interesting. I cannot find a single mention of the hundred servicemen protesting about the appalling lack of medical care available to injured servicemen on any mainstream media/paper/TV or website.

    Is there a cover-up going on? I think when servicemen protest in such large numbers in Trafalgar square it might at least get a mention? Has the government gagged the press?

  11. Just like the race riots in Hull a few years ago. Gangs of immigrants fighting each other in the streets (by gangs I mean groups of 50 or more).
    Didn't even make the local papers.
    Now I wonder how that can happen?

  12. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Some very brief coverage in the IoS today (page 22) plus an Agence France Presse photo.

    For some reason, I cannot find the online version.

    Text as follows:

    Bravo Zulu gents. Thank you.

    (Post Script: 9 out of 10 for OpSec regarding the event. 2 out of 10 for PsyOps exploitation, unless you had your own Mobile News Team onhand? next time contact RFUK for imaging via YouTube :thumleft: )

    Le Chevre
  13. Link

    Image of the statue can be seen here (can't upload it for some reason??): Link
  14. Any journos in? Care to get a scoop?

    Hell I would even forgive Kira Cochrane her misdemeanours if she reported something like this.

    I returned from work in tears the other day. I treated an officer who I met in Iraq, full of life and vigour. He was in an IED attack and is such a shadow of his former self- a broken shell of a man. I really fear for him- I am very worried that he might take his own life, such is his frustration and anger at the shabby way that he has been treated by the Army, and the MoD, and in particular the lack of any joined up care for a disabled serviceman discarded by the government as no use for further fighting.

    I came home and wept for a brother officer let down so badly. He is a hero. But he is being treated as less than nothing, an inconvenience, a burden on the NHS.

    God knows the protestors have got good cause to protest.

    Tony Blair, look on your legacy and despair.
  15. Very sorry to hear that ap8889, what a dogsh!t way to repay someone who has given so much, we fall over ourselves in society trying to hand out freebies to those who have or will not contribute to society (both homegrown scum and foriegn imports) so much money is wasted on wasters, there is then no money left in the kitty for blokes like this