Protest in Falkland Island Remembrance Serrvice

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Father_Famine, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. Hi

    I have just returned with the 25th Anniversary Pilgrimage to the Falkland Islands.

    Firstly I would like to say what a brilliant week it was, made me feel very humble, and very, proud to have been part of the Task Force.

    During the Remembrance Service in the Cathedral in front of the Great and the Good, and Derek Twigg Minister for Veterans, an ex para stood up and marched to the front and positioned himself in front of said minister, Governor, Brigadier etc and calmly started talking:

    He said it was about time the ordinary soldiers had a voice and went on to talk about the guys who had commited suicide since 1982.

    He then recited a poem he had written, at the end he walked back to his seat to a standing ovation.

    Afterwards I was talking to him along with many others and he had never written the poem down, he has now and I would like you all to read it.


    By Gus Hales

    Every year on Remembrance Sunday

    I sit in the corner of the British Legion Bar,

    Dressed in blazer, shirt, Regimental tie

    And polished shoes, with my head held high.

    But deep in my mind, where nobody goes,

    I see a wooden cross where the wind of victory lies.

    “Three Cheers for Victory,” I hear the politician say.

    But you never asked me about my victory.

    And, if they did, I would have explained it this way:

    It isn’t your flags or emblems of war,

    Or the marching of troops past the Palace’s door.

    It isn’t Mrs. Thatcher on the balcony high,

    Reaffirming her pledge to serve or die.

    But it’s the look and the pain on a teenager’s face

    As he dies for his country, In a far off place.

    It’s the guns and the shells and the Phosphorus grenades

    And the wounded and the dead in freshly cut graves

    Or the grieving wife or the fatherless child

    Whose young, tender life will be forever defiled.

    Or the alcoholic soldier with a shattered mind

    Who takes the suicide option for some peace to find.

    Well, that’s my victory but no one knows

    For its deep in my mind where nobody goes.[/align]

    Brave words from a Brave Man
  2. cracking stuff :)

    well done
  3. Very Moving
  4. Bloody hell.
  5. I know the chap in question and wasn't surprised when I heard what he did. Also heard that Twigg got a bit of a debriefing from a lot of the blokes there.
  6. He certainly did, which to give him his due he did not try to hide from, whether anything results from it we shall have to see, (memo to self: do not hold breath).

    I was discussing how Combat Stress Veterans treatment is funded and how visits to the Falklands have proved beneficial (pun intended) with an Islander at a party and looked up, (she was only short) and there he was, so I jumped in as I was in full flow. He replied about the government were adding extra funding to Combat Stress, and that they were looking at using indulgence flights, so I asked about the guys from the current campaigns they are going to need help, so this funding needs to be increased further to give them the support they need now not in 10 -15-20 years. Another guy jumped in then asking about military hospitals so I did not get my answer.
  7. BFBS TV were there filming the pilgrimage for a special documentary programme which will be shown on 30th December. We have more of Gus's poems, one he recited on Mt Longdon.
  8. My mate who went down for this visit was telling me last night that a load of the 3 Para blokes went and camped out on Longdon overnight to toast their fallen mates. Top skills.
  9. BFBS

    Will the programme only be shown on 30th December and only on BFBS?
  10. It's currently provisionally billed for 2045CET on BFBS1 on 30th December. We think it will be a 40-min programme. (Our director has 16 hours of footage to view, so it's a bit early to say exactly what duration, and therefore be absolutely certain of the slot it will be in.) Obviously we wanted to get it in before the 25th anniversary year ended. We're also making a DVD of the pilgrimage for Combat Stress and I believe each veteran on the pilgrimage will get it a copy.
  11. Scots Guards stayed overnight on Tumbledown, 2 Para at Goose Green as well as the 3 para on Longdon and others no doubt at other sites.

    Met one guy who found his old foxhole and there were still shell cases in it from 25 years ago.

    The whole week was an awesome experience, meeting not only the Islanders but the other pilgrims was a humbling experience.

    Between us we shed a lot of tears (I broke down in the Supermarket on the Monday, whilst listening to Gus's interjection on the radio, very moving), made a lot more good friends, drank a fair bit and despite hiking up and down the mountains, put on a few pounds. The Islanders hospitality is legendary.

    Kudos to the BFBS Team they seemed to be everywhere, but, did not interfere with memorials whether public or personal.

    Shame the programme will only be on BFBS though I am looking forward to my copy of the DVD early next year.
  12. My mate gave me a load of photos he's took of the WG memorial as my cousin died on the Galahad and the decent fella even laid a cross for me.
  13. BFBS

    If the DVD were to be made available to non-pilgrims and the money given to a suitable charity. I for one (and I'm sure I wouldn't be alone in this) would be happy to pay a good whack.

  14. I think we'd be more than happy to talk to Combat Stress about supplying them with some extra copies to sell (via their website) to raise funds. The DVD we make for them will be longer than the broadcast version.
  15. Gus Hales, ex-9 Para Sqn RE was the lad. I missed it as I was mincing up Pleasant Peak laying a wreath to my oppos. All credit to him, airborne initiative etc. Derek Twigg gave the impression of having listened, but that is stock in trade for a politician. Only time will tell.


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