Protest at the Palace

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Countrylad, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. Republic are having a nice day out protesting at Buck house on saturday

    Republic | Protest at the palace

    According to my iphone weather app thingy it's going to piss it down on Saturday in London...oh dear nevermind.
  2. It'd be good of them if they'd actually talked about what 'that deal' is, plus it's a bit odd to protest about 'could be's, especially since it'd be the government handing any cash over not wor Liz actually asking for it.
  3. "The cost of the monarchy is still around £200m every year ..."
    "David Cameron has said he wants a "fresh start" in relations with Pakistan as he offered £650m in aid"

    I'd go for the Royal family - better value.
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  4. ALL taxes should go to the Queen. If she was in a good mood she might give some back for deserving causes but only if there was some left after buying a new Navy and some new horses for the cavalry.
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  5. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    You clearly haven't thought this through have you?
  6. What gave me away? It cant be that I didnt suggest she might buy new toys for the RAF can it?
  7. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Whether you agree with their stance or not (and as you either affirmed or sworn an oath of allegiance, you clearly don't), they do have a democratic right to put forward their point of view.

    The view that you should have an elected head of state in a democracy holds a great deal of currency, in a great many nations.

    Granted there are a number of democracies which have non-elected heads of states, and there are a number of states which are not democracies and the head of state is not elected, neither of these facts invalidates Republics point of view nor their right to stage a demonstration.

    Just how accurate is the i-pad weather predictor?
  8. Republic? Why bother? If there was an election everyone would go vote for HM&Co.
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  9. Agreed, and please remember that the Royal Family gave up the income from the crown estates in 1760 for what is called today the civil list. "The Crown Estate, valued at £6.6bn in 2009-10 and with an annual operating surplus of £211m Wheras the civil list cost this :- " Figures released by Buckingham Palace revealed that royal expenditure rose to a record £41.5m during the last financial year, an increase of £1.5m" So the country is doing rather well out of the agreement! This of course is not taking into account the number of tourists who are influenced to come here because of our Royal Family & its traditions! You only have to look at the outpourings of celebration during the recent Royal wedding to see how popular the Royal family is, not just in Britain but overseas as well!
    These moronic republicans, driven in the main by the usual socialists reason, B]ENVY[/B], these idiots would rather have some American style president, possible such luminaries as Blair, Mandelson, Prescott, Livingstone would all be throwing their hats in the ring, especially Blair, god forbid!
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  10. **** all that. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!
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  11. No I don't agree with their stance but I do think it's healthy in a democracy for them (and their ilk) to be able to put their view forward. Still think they're tossers though.

    What I find interesting is some of the most liberal and forward thinking countries have monarchies.

    My iphone weather app has actually proved to be reasonably reliable more so than the bbc.
  12. Id hope Peter Dow turns up to support them, i may ask brokerboy to get one of his mates to bayonet the jock cnut
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  13. You are lying, all this information is fabricated.
  14. Bollocks.

    and oh yeah....GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.
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  15. What he said.
    And CMD should reverse Labours spiteful act......and give her her wee boat back! Instead of letting it rot up in porridgeshire.
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